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Now that im feeling more like a person and less like an ugly cave troll with a week’s long migraine i felt like giving my two cents on the whole mystery box thing ( since i so diligently incited chaos and destruction on the main thread).

Its not so much that there was a kendama and an unreleased sig included on the boxes, those things can be actually great if seen trough the right perspective… my opinion is that they shouldn’t have used the $50 boxes for that. I’m going to take the $200 boxes out of discussion since they are such an investment and they ARE collector edition boxes.

The $50’s are something some people (including me, but i know i cant be the only one) see as a chance to acquire medium-high end throws (be it plastic or metal… don’t start the flaming cause im complaining of a good plastic) from an awesome company like yyf for a much more affordable price, it doesn’t matter which one (hence the mystery) but its a tendency that yyf and yye have established that the boxes will include some very good medium-high end throws (the status quo is that those throws are metal, that may change in the future).

I don’t blame them for trying something new, something that is actually really cool. But i guess it would have been a blast if they could have done it with the $100 (not really collector boxes but not the cheap affordable ones either, kind of the middle). Or perhaps don’t put all the candy in the same place, kendamas in $50 and siggy in $100? I know the siggy plus a medium end metal would have been completely off the roof in the $50 boxes (everyone has different views on products, market and the whole mystery thing i know).

I’m over the attitude i showed in the mystery boxes thread, i guess i was really disappointed back then (I honestly felt we got cheated out of our money, but if we had enough to buy a $100 or the luck to actually score one it would have been worth it)… I mean… don’t you guys agree that the $100 were way too powerful in terms of bang for the buck and the contents?

My two cents are: consider not using the $50 boxes for kendama/skill toys and unreleased sigs ( if you plan to repeat the whole $50, $100, $200 stunt again that is xD and/or the kendama/sig stunt too… or god forbid led pens, contact juggling balls or whatever is hot at the moment xD

I really hope someone at yyf and yye reads this and that my two cents can help make future experiences fulfilling and rewarding for both the clients and the companies. This is a good community, and this business is very player oriented. Please… next year be more… considerate (?) and less adventurous with the $50’s, some of us look up to that moment and dont really have all that much money to spend on this fantastic and joyful hobby :smiley:




^ That is where I believe a lot of people set themselves up for disappointment. The mystery box was never advertised as a chance to acquire medium-high end throws. You were guaranteed $100 worth of items, but the contents were advertised to be a mystery.

^ I think they were very considerate to offer these boxes at all. Getting $100 worth of items for half price is a great deal. The mystery makes it “fun.” Asking them to be “less adventurous” defeats the purpose of unpacking a “mystery.”

For those who are really financially strapped, I sincerely encourage you to spend your $50 on a sure thing. A person who is financially strapped should not take $50 and just throw it up in the air on a mystery. That appears to have been a bad decision on your part.

I think you are entitled to your opinion, if you did not enjoy the box as much as some of us. But, I just want you to understand that you should not have had any expectations at all about the box, other than getting something from YoyoFactory and YoyoExpert that is a mystery, and worth $100 value.

Just a heads up, that there is an active general discussion mystery box thread, and a thread in the site improvements section about future mystery box processes.


2 cents? This is more like tree fitty! :wink:


A kendama wouldn’t have been bad. An ozora or tk would have made the box, but catchy’s are garbage. Period.


I agree with what TA said. If you were financially disable like I was at the time of the Mystery Box I would rather wait for something that is surefire and what you want.
I personally think the Mystery Box was actually a Mystery this time. It was actually a mystery because no one would guess there would be a new sig or a kendama in there. Things were getting too predictable, maybe?

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Yay another “I didn’t like the mystery box thread”!

We understand your pain. Next time save your $50, or spend it on something you know you’ll more likely enjoy.


Being a YYF mystery box, the catchy is the only kendama they would put in there. From the way I understand it, YYF owns Catchy. No one quote me on that because I don’t keep up on that stuff. Like I said, just my understanding.

I’m also in agreement with the widespread opinion that $50 on a gamble for someone who is financially strapped isn’t the best idea. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming on the horizon (no YYF pun intended there) soon after the mystery box release, that would’ve been a much better choice in transaction from the way it sounds.

Granted you would buy ball bearing throws as compared to my purchases, I’ll just show the types of deals that were available. On cyber Monday I got 2 Curriers for 33% off. Heck, for your $50 you could’ve picked up 2 Antipodes. Or countless other massively discounted 1a/3a/5a throws.

On Black Friday, $50 could buy you a tad less than $56 worth of products.

These deals though, aren’t comparable to the value of a 50 for 100 purchase, but I can garau tee you wouldn’t have gotten a kendama or the limited production, previously unreleased Signature throw of this years World champ? Who would like something like that? Probably someone who appreciates a manufacturer and a retailer collaborating to bring you a mysterious and grand discount.


I already gave him three fitty a few days ago


I must admit, I did raise my eyebrow when I saw that the box contained a Kendama. However, after reading this from YYF’s

It seems that only $5 of the value was the Kendama, which is practically nothing. So that’s actually changed my mind on the subject and I think that throwing it in for such a low price wasn’t such a bad idea.

Now, onto the matter at hand.

You have to look at the numbers though. These are the values for the past couple of years:

2012 - “$140 value for only $50!”

2013 - “$140 value for just $45!”

Whereas this year it was

2014 - “$100 value for just $50!”

So just from that alone it would be foolish to think that you’d be getting the same quality of throws as there was in 2012/2013’s boxes.

As pointed out above, Yoyoexpert didn’t lie or mislead anyone. You got exactly what you paid for, namely, $100 worth of ‘mystery stuff’ for $50. Even if the boxes contained $100 worth of just string, you’d still have got exactly what you paid for. If $50 is genuinely a substantial amount of money for you, as TA said, it should not be gambled away so willy-nilly. (ooh matron…)

Fair play, I agree that the $100 boxes were pretty ridiculous. Anyone that managed to snag one, you got a sensational deal… wish I had grabbed one myself.

I do completely understand why people that had hyped this up in their mind are disappointed, and I’m not going to sit here and tell people that they have no right to be unhappy with their boxes or that they have to love the ReGen, because that’s all a very personal thing. However, it’s wrong to sit here and point fingers at Andre and YYE like they’ve done something wrong when they haven’t.

There are plenty of people on here that are perfectly happy with the contents of their boxes, and I myself would be one of them had I purchased one. If everyone who purchased a box was up in arms claiming that they had been swindled, then perhaps I’d understand… but a couple of people being dissapointed is not reason enough for Yoyoexpert to rethink their entire mystery box strategy.

Lets face it, with all this talk of metal… would everyone have been happy if YYF had put a Superwide in there instead? I’m pretty sure there would be just as many complaints. :stuck_out_tongue:


To the OP…


To the rest of the world. If want a $100 yoyo for less than $50 go buy a too hot or shutter or czm8.

Delivering that value in metal yo-yos isn’t a special offer, we do it every day.

Mystery Boxes are Mysteries.

If it took this year to prove that and less people want them next year thats fine by us.

The amount of people who have been positive about what was in the box has been much larger than those negative. Im not having trouble sleeping at night but i did bother to make an account here to address this topic personally.

We aren’t running off to the bank rich providing people with product made new for the event for less than the wholesale price. Its an opportunity for us to give back to our customers. We felt a special product would be appreciated more than some deadstock. Maybe next year we will be clear and make deadstock boxes for those looking for last years models cheap. The Mystery box, we will keep as a mystery.

As the OP mentioned, it was getting predictable.

Hope everyone is enjoying their REGEN. I wanted the clear multi-tool but they all went in the packs!!


What he said. ^


Seriously. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. Then those who couldn’t get one can. (ME) ;D ;D and we wont be complaining about this amazing annual deal!

If you want a good deal go get a protostar which is worth way more then it is sold for, or a shutter a 100$ yoyo for 44$.



It’s alright, because this one bought back Yoyofactoryben!

Now, I know there’s no way of saying this without sounding like a needy girlfriend… but Ben…


^ this. Thank you Gambit, hadn’t thought about the hilarity of the overly-attached girlfriend in quite a while.


Thanks everyone for the comments, specially ben and garret its nice to see a response from staff even to rants. Actually this isn’t a rant or particularly an “im not happy with my box”. I just wanted to make a civilized opinion of what it means to me and how it would be better from my personal point of view, some of your answers are very good and i appreciate the advice.

I guess I led myself to believe it was the best way to spend my money and get what i wanted, but as i stated before and on the original post this isn’t an angry-kid-bashing-on-his-keyboard type of thread.

The idea of deadstock boxes and mystery boxes sounds awesome actually, not sure if that would be possible but i believe it would be very well appreciated. And its not my wish to expect or believe you guys are losing sleep cause some people didn’t like the boxes or are running with our money throwing it in the air. You do what you love and you do it well. :smiley: Again thanks to all for their replies… those who made helpful positive comments and critiques and those who didn’t as well.

Edit: I dont believe that yyf or yye misleaded us or gave us false information. Actually what they did was thinking outside the box to bring a new and fun twist to the whole mystery box thing.

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That’s exactly what the mystery boxes of years past were. It’s possible, and I’m sure they would be well liked if done again. However, I think those items would be less mysterious. Having a “mystery box” and a separate “dead stock box” would be a neat idea to mess around with.

I feel in the end the dead stock box may never become a reality, unless YYF runs out of promotional ideas.