if i'm the only one not happy with the 50$ mystery box

I receive exactly the same protostar with the same ugly color than last year. One catchy kendama in a yoyofactory mystery box?!# and a gentry stein plastic yoyo full of scratches. The box is supposed to Worth over 100$ but i can’t verify, impossible to find the price of the kendama and the gentry stein yoyo. really not happy!!!

I’d be happy to get the yoyos from you if you ship them.

the new gentry sig throw,is not out yet sir. so no definite price has been establiched yet,for the scratches,its plastic,doesnt matter but so much,and im pretty sure the catchy brand of kendama’s is owned by YYF,the protostar…well its a great yoyo(IMO),dont throw 50$$ at something your not sure of,if you dont like mysteries then dont buy it for sure :-X :-\ sorry that you were dissapointed sir.

yes the protostar is a good yoyo, i like it, but put the same yoyo years after years in the mystery box is ordinary.

I’m gonna give you some good advice with this topic.
Let it die bro.


I traded that gentry mystery throw and 20 bucks for a clyw glacier express.
People want that throw, dont like it, put it on bst, it will sell.

If you’re unhappy with buying a mystery, you should refrain from the mystery in the future. Because, if everyone else who is unhappy does the exact same thing, I can buy one a little easier next time. :wink:

When you buy a mystery for $50, you might get something you already have, something you got in last year’s box, something you don’t like, or something you would never have expected. That is what you bought into.

I think the silent majority, those of us who knew we bought a mystery, with no guarantees, were more than happy with the contents of the box.

The limited Gentry signature, Protostar, kendama, and multitool are definitely worth at least $100.


Mysteries aren’t for everyone, just the adventurous. Some people find it better to stick with a sure thing and buy exactly what they like/want.

Learning about your own self and preferences can be bumpy sometimes. Sorry it didn’t work for you this time around. :’(


Lara Croft is adventurous. :wink:



Jhb what would we do without you lol. :slight_smile:

All are correct that the old mystery boxes are not for the faint hearted…

but what fun when you open it. I now have a new Gentry and two Christmas gifts for new yoyo’ers in my family.

sell it off if you are unhappy and best not buy again next year…


“Send them to me for free but pay shipping”

sorry everybody. I don’t speak English very well (french) it possible they have missed interpretation . I don’t want to shock , I just want to know if other people who buy the box are more happy or less than last year with your box. the gentry Stein plays very well (but the noisiest yo-yo I ever had). kendama not for me and protostar I already got one on mystery box last year. I pay more for less, I think. keep calm everybody you are a nice group of people with a nice hobby. thank for your offer of trade, i already do a trade kendama protostar +cash for use avalanche. sorry for my bad question!

I understand the whole mystery part, but this is one of the weaker years in terms of mystery boxes for sure.

Your English is just fine.  ;)  But, my French is not.  :-[  There is an entire mystery box discussion thread that might give you some other opinions about the contents of the box.  It’s an interesting read, and covers the entire spectrum of perspectives. The discussion about the contents of the box starts about here: