YYF Mystery Box Review w/ Yoyo reviews

In this review I will share my thoughts on my whole experience, contents, and reviews on each yoyo included.This is only my second review. Comments are welcome.


The Decision
I was thinking about purchasing a shutter when I first saw the advertisement for this sale. I thought “Hmm should I go with the sure thing or try my luck with a mystery box.” They were both the same price and this question puzzled me for several days. I had heard such good things about the shutter, especially the blasted one. I also read a couple threads about the mystery boxes of years past. The overwhelming trend seemed to be that the boxes were few in number. Contents inside were often products that didn’t sell well. Everything was pointing me in the direction of purchasing a blasted shutter. Before making my final decision I consulted my mother. I told her the pros and cons of the two. She pondered a moment. Then said, “Go with the mystery box.” I asked her what was her reasoning. She said,“You’ll have more fun!” So I decided to go with the mystery box.

Purchasing process
When it was finally mystery box week at yoyoexpert I was pumped and ready to go. I understood that Monday’s alerts would come via
Facebook. Not having a Facebook would make this hard for me. So instead of making one I simply watched the forums to see if anyone would announce if the release had begun. When the did I rushed to the mystery box page. Added it to my cart went through checkout. And to my dismay, read a red error message that told me that the mystery box was no longer available. :frowning: I thought I had gone pretty fast. The whole process only took me ten minutes. I vowed to be faster next time. Tuesday’s alert would come through email. When it finally came I again rushed to the page, added the box to my cart, went through checkout, and still read the same error message. The whole process took me three minutes. I couldn’t understand it. I told my mom I was too slow again. She told me I wasn’t. She reloaded the page and it showed that my purchase went through. Seconds later I got a confirmation email to back it up. I was jumping up and down, I was overjoyed. Possibly the happiest I had been after an online purchase. :slight_smile:

Speculation period
It was fun to speculate here on the forums what would be on the box. However, I feel I spent  too much time doing so. It was still fun.

When I finally got my mystery box it had taken a stop at my Grandmas house in Ohio. Then got shipped to my cousin in LA. Who then shipped it to me. When I finally got it was kinda happy, but had mixed feelings. On the inside I was hoping that I didn’t invest so much time and thought on something I would come to regret.


Yoyo reviews

VG Protostar

Looks: This protostar is no different from others except for color. That being said, I love the colorway. It’s so pretty. I almost stare at it during play.

First Throw: Wow, this is really smooth. My other protostar isn’t full of vibe, But my VG Proto knocks it out of the water as far as smoothness goes.

Response/Bearing: Came stock with a CT and CBC natural pads. CT’s are my favorite profiled bearing. The one provided offered was great. The natural pads were slippy at first. Then snaggy for a couple days. After that nothing but smooth binds.

Overall: I like this yoyo. I already liked my first protostar and this one is no different. Play and performance is top notch. It has a light feel on the string and spins quite long. Plus it’s beautiful. No complaints.

Roll Model

Looks: This metal yoyo looks old school. The Mid-sized yoyo, organic shape, prevalent mid-wall, and the plastic caps give it a bit of nostalgia. I asked Steve Brown if that’s what he was going for and he said “I really wanted an all-around, daily carry yoyo that was up to today’s standards but still felt like the original YoYoFactory Grind Master/Hype/Hoax/Fad yoyos. Metal yoyos with plastic caps are just amazing to me.”

First Throw: I don’t like this yoyo. I don’t like the mid-wall. I don’t like the size. I was like “IFHY”. This feeling was short lived.

Bearing/Response: Flat SPEC with white CBC pads. The bearing was nothing special so I switched in a CTX. My disdain for the yoyo disappeared at that moment. The response was slippy at first. It got better with more use.

Overall: This yoyo has become one of my daily carries. It’s nice and petite. Handles any trick you could imagine and is pretty chill.


Looks: Dressed in a black ano and white hubstacks. It really has a barebones look. The finish is nice and a lot better than other YYFs I’ve seen.

First Throw: This is pretty awesome. It’s got some heft, but somehow feels light on the string. It spun so long I went through a really long combo twice.

Bearing/Response: comes stock with CT and a spare SPEC bearing. It plays the same with each bearing and both bearings are good. The response is white CBC and a spare set is also included. I thought it was pretty cool to get some extras.

Overall: This is a great high end yoyo. It is very stable and spins for days. Also hubstacks are fun to experiment with. It is my current favorite throw.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the mystery box. Comments are welcome.

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I enjoyed the review. I think it really reflects the joy of participating in the mystery box event. The people who think the mystery box sales are supposed to be like the average YoyoExpert transaction have been missing the point. You got to the real essence of the bottom line. The point is not just the purchase of a “mystery,” but also the experience and process of trying to get something limited at a fantastic price. It is unlike any other shopping experience I’ve had online, or otherwise. I think you really captured the essence. Also, the fact that you got something you didn’t select has it’s pros and cons. But, on the positive side of things, you got to try something and possibly like it, when you may not have tried those throws otherwise. Then, even if you didn’t like it, you would have a yo-yo with value to sell, trade, gift or whatever, but the yo-yo still has value. It is never a total loss anyway. Your mom is really, really smart. It seems you got a bonus box too…lucky. Great write-up. :slight_smile:

I love your hair dude 8)

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I’m a huge fan of the style too…diggin it! 8)

Yeah. She’s possible the coolest, smartest person I know. The box I received was a $200 box. I’m very happy with it $45 well spent.

Thanks. I getting it cut tomorrow though.

I heard the mystery boxes were pretty cool.Im gonna try to get one next year

I agree with the sentiment about trying things you might not, and that there’s excitement when you’re unsure about the contents. Even knowing what people were getting, it was exciting to open the box. I would never have purchased a genesis+ on my own, but really enjoy it and it is my first metal, and I now know what people mean about yoyos that feel “floaty” or light on the string. The protostar was on my list of things to try eventually, so it’s nice to have a shaqlerstar. I like it, though I like the Rally better, and because of how it plays, it lets me push tricks faster and faster once I’m getting consistent on something. I’m glad to see my subjective experiences line up with other opinions on these throws, not too mention other opinions on the mystery box.

Great review. Wish I could see your hair but for some reason the video isn’t pulling up…and unless your Lebron I’m sure that isn’t your pic in the avatar.

I can say I can’t wait for this years mystery box. I’m gonna get one every year for the sheer fun and experience of it, how cool and I only got the least box you could and not a bonus or the gold.

As for yoyo content, I love the hub stack genesis. It is soooooo smooth. I learned most of my tricks up to skin the gerbil on my dark magic 2 and now that I have been playing my genesis I go back and play my dm2 and wonder how in the world I did it! It is soooo nice and smooth and so forgiving on the throws. I am no yoyo pro so sometimes throws that would tilt or vibe on my other yoyos come out smooth and clean on the genesis.

As for the protostar, I have to say I hate the color. And it doesn’t feel that great in my hand, so I’m iffy at best on it. Wish I could have tried a role model.

Great review man, and your mom sounds cool as heck!

^ thanks.

Great review