YoYo Mystery Box?


I’ve heard about the yoyo mystery box but I don’t know much about it. Could someone explain to me who packages it and where I can buy one? Thank :slight_smile:



The mystery box was sold here at YYE the last two years. (Sold on black Friday? Can’t remember.) It’s a box full of YoYoFactory stuff that exceeds the price the box sells for. It’s a limited thing and a really good deal for those lucky enough to get one.


It releases at midnight on Thanksgiving night (Black Friday morning). The last two years they were $75 if I remember correctly.


last year they were $40


Yes, they were two different prices actually. I can’t remember the price of the first year.


YoYoFactory will enter its THIRD year of releasing a Black Friday Mystery Box with YoYoExpert this year.

We will also have a lower priced MYSTERY BAG available too.

One of the cool features we will be adding is a DOUBLE UP Box where 1 in every 10 boxes will feature DOUBLE the already amazing value of yo-yos in the box. There will also be the GOLDEN BOX which will contain over $500 worth of YoYos!

Its only November 9, so please be patient. Price, release time and all information will be available closer to the day.

For right now if you are looking for a great deal the SUPERNOVAS are still 25% off thanks to the election win making them under $64 (until Tuesday!).


As both a marketing professional and burgeoning yoyo enthusiast, I love pretty much everything about this idea. I wasn’t around for the boxes, but I can imagine that the addition of the “bag” will open the doors to even more people. And a bunch of us may even buy both. :wink:

(SR) #8

What was some of the stuff in the boxes? Cause I don’t want a Whip and PGM and ProtoStar. lol…


last year was a 2.0, a northstar, a wooden japan yoyo, some stickers and some super long string.
I was very pleased.


Who wouldn’t want a Protostar?


I totally want to try to get one this year. Is it like 1st come 1st serve or is it like a pre-order and hope you get lucky?


1st come first serve


I’m so investing in this :slight_smile:


Then don’t buy one.


Okay so I have absolutely no idea when thanksgiving day is (because I’m not from America) and also, what timezone does yoyoexpert use? Thanks ;D


Thanksgiving is Thursday the 22nd. But the boxes will be on sale Friday the 23 at 12pm. That’s Black Friday :wink:


Wait 12pm or 12am?(because MrSquirrel said midnight.) Thanks :smiley:




12pm is midnight. and i’m going to assume that times are EST (GMT -5) since YYE is based out of Maine.


YYE is based out of Massachusetts…