Yoyofactory mystery box


Are they still doing this every year? If they are it going to be my first.


I hope so… i almost had one last year, i was 2 days away from payday X_X when they disappeared. i still got the band aid on X_X.


Whats a mystery box and how much do they cost?


they have had previous runs of mystery bags and boxes the prices were a good deal for an amazing amount of things, but at random were the contents, All real merch and throws of course, mostly no complaints, the price? my memory cant conjure that thought…


Tempted, but I don’t know if I can handle the stress of sitting there waiting for the countdown to go and then rushing to go through the checkout like a madman. :stuck_out_tongue:


I searched it not long ago and it seemed like the prices were $50 and $100. I may be incorrect though. I’m also looking forward to it ;D


Basically, what Grinch said.
Box filled with yoyos and yoyo related goodies :slight_smile:
I really want one, hopefully they keep it up this year.


Where do u get them and when do they usually come on?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I really want one now!


They usually come around at about Thanksgiving. But be warned, I tried to get one for the spans of days that it ran, they all sold out before I got a chance to buy one. Happened two years in a row now… Good luck.


I lucked out a few years in a row. But, not as lucky as the guy who won the free Ricochet in the bonus box last time. I think it was Jiggyfly who won, I can’t remember. :-\ He hit the jackpot. :o


The mystery box isn’t really the best deal out there. Especially because the only yyf yoyos I got were the equilateral and gravitsky protostar.


Here’s the original blog post for last year’s mystery boxes.

There has been no announcement for 2014.



The contents aren’t particularly “random” though, except for the bonus boxes. There’s a prescribed base box that EVERYONE gets. There was a bit of variation for 2013 but in 2012 the boxes were identical except colourway. Everyone got an Avant Garde (hooray!).

There’s not TOOooo much point grabbing multiples.

WHo knows, though? Maybe this year they’ll decide to make it random!


I was very happy with mine. I hope everyone is turned off this year, so I can turn up. :smiley: In 2012, you could get a bag or a box, and there was a difference in getting the bag or box. In 2013, I got two boxes, and both were different, so I had 4 different yo-yos. I got a Northstar, Protostar, Equilateral, and stacked Genesis. All for about $90, if I remember correctly. I hope they do it again. Last year was the best so far.


me too, it was quite the ultra bumage, to know it was there but i couldnt do anything about it X_X, third is the charm…i hope. cuz i still want one, ive always wanted a counter attack, but not a real fan of hybrids,and to snag one with some other fun stuff, im still down for it though, lessa hope they do its again


Nah it want jiggyfly it was kitebug if I’m not mistaken. They are awesome boxes although you have to hustle a little bit to get them cause they drop at a random time and many people enter the site at the same time so there’s a lot of lag involved but the experience is fun :smiley:


Last thanksgiving the Mystery Boxes were $45 and sold off email, Facebook and twitter. I got one that had a Protostar and an Equilateral. The Equilateral has become one of my favorite throws so this was a great deal for me.
I look forward to next thanksgiving.

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My mystery box was great for me!
Roll Model

Love the deal. I hope it returns this year!


How do u know when they start the mystery boxes


They post it on their blog, and on the forums. Also twitter, instagram, and Facebook.