YYF+YYE. Mystery Box help

I see that the mystery boxes have been a great success the last couple of years.Ive been watching videos and they seem pretty cool.This years seems to be realesing ALOT more than the past. Does anybody know more sure the amount they are gonna be realesing this week?Im still trying to talk my parents to let me get one but we had bills to pay this week:(.If you got one let me know how happy you are, Have you got one before,do you think it’s worth paying for?

I think there is 8 but I probably misread…

They usually have bearings stickers string, and a yoyo that didn’t sell to well.

Most people are expecting-

Old supernovas
Old genesis’s
Old superstars

Stuff like that.

Go read the thread about it. They have 6 more releases to go. I would definitely recommend getting one if you can. This is my first year getting one, but you’re paying $45 for $140 value so you cannot go wrong with that


Should answer a lot of questions.

There will most likely be somewhere from 400-450 boxes being sold (A little over 50 per run)

bills are more important than yoyos. just want to address that.
that being said. if you have $45 in you christmas budget for you then you cant go wrong. you will be getting more than you money’s worth of yoyo goodness. also since you no doubtedly have yoyos on your list it will take the guess work your parents have put into what to get you away while still maintaining the mystery of christmas gifts.
just dont open it early.

^ i agree their might be old supernovas, genesis and superstars but

hello …!!! EQUILATERALS !!!@!@!@

i can almost guarantee they will be in the boxes i just have a strong feeling.