Mystery box estimates

I am making this thread so we can theorize on what we think could been in the mystery box.
I think that the yff proto used in this vid was never released so maybe this one?

My guess is a yyf never released until now, a special edition plastic replay pro and a yyf Keychain thingy

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

4 things that spin:

Daydream, BOSS, YYF Spintop (Short Circuit or Elec-Trick depending on box), New Yoyo.

1 thing that doesn’t spin:


Quote me on this when they release!
A few key things: Daydream could be replaced with Flight, but probably not unless they’re really trying to appeal for people to join the 4A market. Also, not sure about the thing that doesn’t spin but they make sense.

I was going to say the flight just for the reason of having a huge variety.

Boss (small undersized metal), flight (offstring), spintop, unreleased yo-yo(presumably fullsized metal) and the nonspinning accessory such as a hacky sack

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I might need to get one of these :+1:

I hope they introduce a new color multitool for my multitool collection. I have all the other colors. There is guaranteed to be one yo-yo in that box, so I’ll be happy no matter what’s in there. But, they advertised $110 worth of stuff, so I’m going to guess.

  1. Budget Metal yo-yo (worth about $45 - $55)
  2. Plastic yo-yo (worth about $16 - $20)
  3. Some other toy that doesn’t spin (kendama/footbag) ($10-$15)
  4. Spin top ($10)
  5. Stickers/multitool ($10)

^ That gets you right in the ballpark of that $110, and sounds like an awesome deal too. I’m banking on it. :smiley:

I remeber a few months back yyfben was saying the yyf popstar was going to be re-released this fall? Possible smallthing for box

There’s also a other thing that spins(4 total) I’m guessing add a boss to that → undersized $30

You’re actually probably right, if you look at the new teaser there appears to be a revamped popstar in that picture, small and has what appears to be an aluminum dream gap shape

$5.50 shipping… this might be a big box…

Yeah i was thinking the same thing!

I was lucky enough to scoop two!

Right on man. I was able to order mine 3 min early. Pumped! 300 in stock, quite a bit. Bet they go fast.

It said there were 35 left the last time I refreshed

Whoooa. Yeah thats insane. 18 left.

Did you notice that you could add it to the cart, from the page before you click on the actual mystery box page? I was wondering if we will still get them XD also will they all be the same main yo yo inside each box?

I’m looking at that hint photo.

Is it just me, or is it undersized a fair bit? Looks cool.

My wife did it all. She was able to add it to the cart a few minutes befor the timer stopped. Charged my card and i recieved comformation number and everything. I saw a post on instagram that they all contain the same stuff but a few could have one or two different suprises. Thats just what i read.

Which Instagram account did you see that post ?

I didn’t get one, but guessing is always fun.

Spin Top
Unreleased POM