YoYoRecreation Lucky Box


Just bought a YYR lucky box. Any of you get one?


stop taunting me all happiness is dead now


A lot of the people in the YYR Appreciation thread snagged one, myself included. Looking forward to it.



aaaaahhh how often do they come around


is it possible that i could get the diffusion plastic yyr in my lucky box? that would be disappointing. lol


I had to get one.


you got a diffusion in the lucky box? or you had to get a lucky box?


i think he’s answering the original post.


All the lucky boxes have contained non off string metals.


You won’t get a Diffusion in a Lucky Box, so don’t worry about that.

I snagged two :slight_smile:

(2Sick Joey) #11


I bought one but I caught the YYR bug recently so this is my only chance to get some YYR for good prices. All I don’t want to get are any of the undersized models


t seems like you tend to get an undersized, an oversized and a near full sized… That is just what I have noticed.

(2Sick Joey) #13

I’ve seen plenty of boxes where people get all mid to fullsized yoyos with no undersized throws and that the type of box I’m hoping for. I’m already trying to sell 2 undersized YYRs on the BST for really good prices and no one is biting.


I suspect this might be because most people who want and can afford YYR are waiting on mystery boxes.



Sorry, I meant I had to get a Lucky Box. I just bought a Sleipnir a couple of weeks ago and it’s great. I paid almost 200 for it, so when I saw three YYR’s for almost the price of 1 I had to jump on it. So far I’m being told that you only get metal yoyos in a Lucky Box, which rules out offstring or a diffusion.


Thats funny I just posted pretty much the same thing. I ordered mine yesterday.


I’m wondering if y’all ever got a tracking number? I translated mine and it said undecided. And I emailed them about it in Japanese (so cool) and they haven’t replied. I then tried English and they still haven’t replied


I hear they normally take at least 1 week to reply.


Look in your spam older. Thats were i got mine


Where do you get these lucky boxes at?