YoYoExpert x YoYoFactory - Worlds Prague 2014


Clue #1

We are planning something special with YoYoFactory to coincide with the World Yo-Yo Contest this year that takes place August 7th, 8th, & 9th in Prague, Czech Republic!

The first clue is above. Next clue coming soon. :wink:

The Good News Is - You don’t have to be in Prague for this one!


Clue 2



Ooh exciting!

(Erik Kerber ) #3

Ooohhhhhhh yea.

(Former National 4A Champion) #4

The last word is clearly yoyo.


Now if we only can decipher the rest.


Is this a contest? Or just for fun?


It looks just like Pigpen cipher, but I guess it’s not. This is what I got with Pigpen: VYOPENY LACT QJNEUEAOPD YKYK. Maybe they used Pigpen but mixed up the letters a bit? Or it’s just not Pigpen Cipher but something very similar


Top Line : Mystery Pack
Bottom Line : Unreleased Yoyo
That’s what I think it says anyway


Rixtify is correct! So it is Pigpen, with the order switched around. Here’s the cipher:


I got

Mystery _ _ _ _

_ _ re _ e _ se_ yoyo


Wow! You guys guessed it right! I followed the key and I got Mystery Pack Unreleased Yoyo as well. The only word I got right without cheating is yoyo xD


Hope it’s right. I knew YYE and YYF did Mystery box/pack collabs every year and I thought maybe it’s another one. I just counted the letters and thought up what would make sense that would fit. The time I used pigpen was when I checked it if it was right :smiley:


I am impressed!

(Erik Kerber ) #14

^I have no idea how you figured that out but I’m gonna be gone all week any ways so it really doesn’t matter cuz I’ll probably be gone when its released.


There’s some more of it now.


Clue #2 has been posted!



There’s a new clue! I am trying to decipher, it, here’s what I got:
First Line: Chance To Win
Second Line: Grand Prize
Third Line: Worth Over Seven
Fourth Line: Hundred Dollars

Chance to win Grand Prize worth over seven hundred Dollars! OMG!


Amazing how quickly you got that.


Haha, thanks! You can kinda guess after getting the first few letters. Also, I LOVE doing these types of puzzles and stuff. It doesn’t hurt that this might be the first time that I might go for a Mystery Box, if it’s cheap enough. Excited! ::slight_smile:


My head hurts