YYF Mystery Box, Who Else Bought One?


Just did :slight_smile: Doubt I’d win the prize, but would be fun to see what’s in it, as well as what the 2 unreleased throws are!


I just got mine too! So excited!


I’m worried I’ll get a Tactic or something.


I wouldn’t mind an organic throw lol Just don’t want an Aviator, had one, hated it.


The only YYF throws I have are a DV888 and a Whip.

I just hope it ain’t a DV888 that comes with this or I guess I’m going to start learning 3A with undersized throws.

I just hope whoever wins the big’n makes a video or takes pics of the lot. Mainly so I can hate myself and them.


I’m just gonna give away the DV888 if I get one or use it for a hub mod lol


I just like mystery boxes. I dont even want to know the mystery unreleased yoyo before I get mine, I just want to unbox it myself xD
However, ontopic with the thread, I bought a box.


What yoyos do you think will be included?
Im hoping that there will be a chance to get a SHu-Ta :stuck_out_tongue:


I got one also :smiley:


I have no YYF so I ordered the Mystery Box. Now how to tell the wife I just bought to more throws…


“I bought some new throws”


If only it were that simple!
But alas there must be chocolate or a massage first… Maybe I will tell her I spent $600.00 on yoyo’s again then J/k only $45.00 this time…

Eh, at least she loves me, lol.


Just say 45 for a good chance at over 700 and at least you get an unreleased. And give her the limited one time only tote bag. That’s how I told my wife :slight_smile:


Yoyofactory just said every mystery box is the same except for the grand prize on ask.fm/yoyofactoryfm
Not sure if that means the one already released aluminum yoyo is the same for every pack? If it is I hope its a blasted shutter or a shu-ta.


Got one

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I hope there’s a GFunk in the box.


I have the same problem and we have been married for 38 years. Still, I ordered mine last night at about 9:09 CST.


Are they still in styock?
Only pre order is in stock… Not sure what it means


My wife bought me one.


I got 2 for 3A purposes. Hoping to get the grand prize even though it’s unlikely. ^^"