First yoyorecreation!


For Christmas this year, I will be getting my first YYR!
I’m having trouble deciding on which to get. :o
I’m currently looking at the Dreadnought, Sleipnir, Gleipnir, and CLASH (2012).
I have a smooth, medium pace style. Though sometimes I like to go fast :).
I like floaty yoyos.
I’m really just looking for a good first impression of the company, something good overall.

Any advice?



Honestly, you can’t go wrong with YYR, but I’d say the Sleipnir is more what you’re looking for, or at least I’m 90% sure you will have a very good first impression :wink:


I went with the Diffusion, which isn’t on your list.

Amazing plastic. Affordable too and plays fantastic. Too bad YYE doesn’t currently carry this model. I hope that changes soon. It needs to be in a lot more hands here.


Sleipnir or 2012 Clash would be my picks. Both capable of handling whatever you throw at them and then some.



I own the Gleipnir, Sleipnir, Dreadnought, and Overdrive. And in the past ive own a Stardust two. If what your looking for is amazing play, dude its a YYR all of them are amazing. Floaty yoyos from yyr would have to be Sleipnir. Gleipnir, Dreadnought and the Clash is on the area where u would say solid players. Since you also talked about speed, the sleipnir will help you get the speed the u want to get to. Fastest yoyo i own. And u will truly love it


No offense, but I do not think that anyone’s first impression of YYR should be a cheap plastic. I think the excitement he is feeling is for one of their fabulous high-end offerings not a low-budget plastic no matter how good it is.

The Sleipnir is a clear first choice.
The Stargazer is the same yoyo - just a bit smaller. Both are great first YYR choices. You will not be disappointed.


Acrophobia fits this description perfectly.

Sleipnirs are good, but they ALWAYS want to go fast. And sometimes I don’t juana.


It’s now narrowed down to Sleipnir, Overdrive, or 2012 CLASH. I like speed sometimes, but not all the time.

The Gleipnir looks cool too, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Nobody really said anything about the Overdrive.


The Messiah perhaps? The way it packs quite a punch in a small yoyo would surely be a pleasant surprise.

I don’t really know, as I have only tried the Overdrive, Sleipnir, and Messiah briefly at local meets. But judging from what people are saying, it seems that your best bet is to get whichever looks the best to you, since apparently “you can’t go wrong with any of them”.

Though I’d advise against heavier ones as a first, though; it’s never a good idea to try the extremes for first impression, that at least I know.


Yeah, I thought about that. Probably wont be getting the Dreadnought as a first.

I’m leaning towards the Sleipnir, but I’m not a fan of the horse engraving on it. I like the look of the yoyorecreations that have simple text, or are plain.


But I liked the engraving though; I feel like I’m driving a Ferrari every time I look at it, even though I don’t actually own it.

For those who don’t know, Sleipnir is a horse that Loki mothered.

Well, if you don’t like it, there is always the TAKE THAT edition, though I personally don’t like it as much as the generic Sleipnir.


Also, I don’t like that the Sleipnir doesn’t come in Gold. I love the look of unblasted gold, and YYR’s looks amazing.


Again, go with whichever looks best to you, since you can’t go wrong with any of them, or so I heard.

How about a champagne gold Messiah?


Get a Stargazer. Perfect yoyo. Comes in champagne gold too.


I thought that the Stargazer was the lowest quality YYR that i had ever used. I would go with either the Clash, or the Sleipnir.


You’re crazy. I like my Stargazer wayyy more than my friend’s Clash.


I’m also quite fond of the engraving on the Sleipnir but if that’s not for you and you have to have something gold, the Clash 2012 would be my pick. Don’t be put off by the 70g weight of it. It’s slightly oversized and so well balanced you’ll hardly notice it.



So the Clash doesn’t play heavy?
If so, then I’ll probably go for that or the Overdrive. Any opinions on that?


The Clash has the spinning power of a heavy weight but feels like a mid-weight throw on the string. The Overdrive is crazy crazy fast and very wide.



I had a Clash 2011 and I thought it played plenty heavy.