YYR Sleipnir vs. Messiah


Lets start with this

YYR: quite possibly the best brand ever. EVER!

 I am one of those yoyo-ers to be blessed with owning two yoyorecreation products. Let alone one. They are not cheap. But, they are also the best performing yoyos in the market. Just like Grandaddy used to say "Good things aren't cheap and cheap things aren't good." I follow this saying to the ends of the earth.

The Sleipnir:

Shinya Kidos’ performance was already enough to get me going for this. Christopher Chias’ cemented my decision. Not only that, but the new design gave me a heart attack.


But it was very tough deciding between the horse or “TAKE THAT” for the design
The design finally fits the name. Sleipnir is an eight legged horse from Norse mythology, upon which Odin would ride to battle.

Does this yoyo have eight legs?

Would this yoyo be good for riding into battle?

Does it anyways?

And yoyo contests?

Greatest full size yoyo ever. EVER! No tilt, smooth enough, fast, floaty (really floaty), and very good looking. And when I say no tilt, I mean there’s nothing for it to tilt towards or away from. The profile of this yoyo is very wide. YYR does a superb job of maximizing the catch zone. its a very angular shape. Its so sharp I can do black hops with ease. Normally black hops is hard to complete on a yoyo 43 mm in width.
Speed: The Sleipnir has established itself as a fast yoyo. I don’t deny that a bit. If you know how to play fast, it will play faster. If you want floaty, it will be a Peak. Seriously, if you don’t want to play fast, this will match any speed you can handle. This yoyo is very “bouncy.” thats the best I can describe it.
As for smoothness…It’s perfectly acceptable. This is actually like learning to throw a football; you have to throw it a bunch to get the hang of it. but once you master throwing it, no vibe. But hey, you wont notice even if there is any vibe.
Spin: Just keep playing, it’s still spinning
Binding: Learn to catch it or else you’ll say ouch

   The Messiah:

Lucky for me, I got this for Christmas. Luckier, it’s purple. This is the yoyo that raised the bar for the undersized segment. MY friend played with it and he just simply said “Man, this thing will spin forever,” after going through a very insanely technical trick. Oh wait! Thats what it was built for! Takahiro Lizukas’ tricks shouldn’t be possible. But he does them anyway. I am still trying to get this trick down after four months of practice. I even made a Twitter account so I could ask him about some techniques. I don’t read Japanese, unfortunately.

Its pretty much the same as the Sleipnir in smoothness, spin time, and general shape. But it is far different in size.

Austin Powers comes to mind

The Messiah is meant for a completely different style of tricks. The Messiah is good for those weaving and string manipulation tricks whereas the Sleipnir is good for around the body movement. But don’t be fooled! The Messiah can go around your body and the Sleipnir can weave in and out. It’s just a matter of how well you know your yoyo.

Horizontal tricks
Messiah: Don’t try them
Sleipnir: LIKE A BOSS

The messiah just wasn’t built for horizontals. The Sleipnir on the other hand can spin for an insanely long times while sideways. I have vastly improved my horizontal skills since I got it.

Conclusion: Which one is better?

Here’s a giraffe


Sorry for the premature post. I hit the wrong button


Oh god a giraffe


I’ve been wanting a messiah for I don’t know how long.


Oh God it’s Pedro bear


The Messiah IS AMAZING I have it and I love it even though I have put some scratches into it it still plays awesome. I would like a sleipner as well.


Although I plain suck at horizontals, most people claim the Mess’ Horizontals are FREAKING BEAST.

Especially for undersized.

Otherwise great review. I’m also happy to own a purple one. Cheers!


I’ve tried hori. with the Messiah and the only time it stays sideways is when it leaves your hand


while I cant do Horizontal all that well a few of my friends can. and they did it with ease on the Messiah I had. I kick myself every day for selling it.

Sleipnir is the best in the YYR line if you like Floaty yoyos. I personally do not. Messiah, Dreadnought, and 44 Clash are my favorites. Love to try a Clashcube.

(major_seventh) #10

I’ve been thinking about getting a yyr for awhile but i heard from rewind yoyo store that once you unscrew it and stuff it gets a vibe and all that. Have your yyr’s ever got a vibe from unscrewing and stuff?


I don’t get this. There is presumably an axle and two halves. Each half is threaded to accept the axle.

If it REALLY requires microscopic placement of the axle to get it to have no vibe (a weird goal anyhow), then just take the time to microscopically place the axle. Somebody somewhere in the world took two halves of this yoyo and an axle, and put them together for original sale. You’re not displacing magic pixie dust when you unscrew it. You can reproduce its original state unless parts break or drastically transform.

Great review! I hadn’t even really considered YYR before (partly due to the price), but that’s some food for thought. In any event, well-written and covers some questions people would have.


Just dropping a hint here: unscrewing the yoyo doesn’t cause vibe. Screwing it back on does.


Messiah was my least favorite YYR. Really didn’t like it. I think i’ve owned 10 or so and the Messiah is the only one i don’t miss. On the other hand Iizuka’s follow-up, the 6, is one of my favorite YYRs and the best undersized throw i’ve ever played. Messiah and 6 are both super powerful, but the Messiah has a heavy feel and returns with a painful amount of force if you bind while it’s still spinning strong, 6 on the other hand, partially because of the D-bearing i’m sure, plays a lot more gentle, floaty and binds at the perfect speed.

As far as vibe goes, nah, certainly no greater risk of inducing vibe by unscrewing than with any other yoyo imo. As long as you don’t unscrew the yoyo every time you get a knot you’ll have no problem at all, but that goes for every yoyo. Personally i’ve owned YYRs for months on end before ever needing to unscrew them, and even then there’s no issue. Just be gentle and remember there’s not many threads holding the halves together.

(major_seventh) #14

awesome. Tks :slight_smile:


Necro. But helpful, I had never noticed that on that edition of the Sleipner the horse had 8 legs. I guess I just passed right over it.


I would have thought the implied message was “unscrewing a YYR and then screwing it back together introduces vibe”. :wink: If you unscrew a yoyo and never screw it back together, you’re definitely not going to be worried about the vibe!


What I meant is that the damage occurs during the process of reassembling the yoyo, not when disassembling it.

The vibe is not caused by the design, but by the user.

More hints:
HF consideration
Procedural deviation


I can’t tell if we’re agreeing or disagreeing. I think we’re agreeing. :wink: I’m simply saying that if it went together once, without vibe, there are not many variables that will forever screw it up once taken apart. Find out the procedure and don’t deviate from it!

Obviously, structural damage from either action (more likely screwing it back together) is a different consideration altogether.

I think we all have yoyos we can “tune” for better or worse with axle placement and torque applied while tightening. Sometimes I’ll be like “oh… it’s smoother this time!” but I don’t care enough to figure out the exact formula. I know that if I cared, I could eventually land on the right combination because there are few enough factors to discover the repeatable procedure.

If people care that much for vibe in their YYR, they should forget people mythologizing this “once unscrewed” advice and discover the procedure for themselves. It’s there, waiting.