Whats this I keep hearing about Yoyorecreation?


I was planning on buying my firat YYR yoyo but I keep hearing people say if you unscrew it then it might start to vibe. Ive also heard this might be because they have really tiny axles. Is this true? Im feeling kind of iffy about spending $200 on a yoyo thats going to vibe when I unscrew it.


That’s really just a bunch of hype that got totally overblown. At one point in time I owned at least one of every model YYR released up to the Stardust 2 and needless to say they all play incredibly. The only “problem models” they released were the production Blink and E= mc2 and to a lesser extent, the Overdrive. They’re all actually amazing throws, but require a little bit of tuning from time to time to retain total smoothness. After I got mine tuned, I never needed to tune them again, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend each and every one of them. But if you’re thinking about picking one up, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. If retail price is prohibitive for you, shoot me a PM and I’ll help you out.


Early YYR’s had some vibe issues, but that seemed to be mostly inherent to the design and manufacture.

The current warning you see on that other site (which is the basis for this rumor, imo) is basically nonsense in my experience. Every recent YYR I’ve had (Sleip, Gliep, Messiah) was the same as every other high end yoyo. Change bearings, unscrew, whatever, they were just fine. No tuning required and dead smooth forever.

I personally think that warning is just there to protect them against have to do returns on very expensive yoyos that have been played. I don’t know that for sure, but it’s the best explanation from my point of view. YYE has no such warnings.


Stookie, I have No reason to doubt what you said about your experiences with YYR yoyos. And Ratfacedudeguy could be a Professor of YYR History.

But I have talked with several people that told me after they unscrewed their particular YYR yoyos, that they weren’t as smooth? I have 2 Stargazers, 2 Sleipnirs and 2 Messiahs. All 6 of them vibe a little. None of them were dead smooth. Actually the smoothest one is my first OG Stargazer. It vibed soo bad, that I chucked up the halves and re machined the seats; lol. I have reseated several YYR yoyos for various people over the past few years. I think YYR does very high quality machine work. It has to be pretty precise, simply due to the fact of the axles’ shortness in most models, leaves little margin for errors.

But at the same time I think their primary flaw is to keep the outer/center face of their yoyos perfectly flat, that they compromise the long term durability, performance and tru center alignment.
A longer axle(threading deeper into each half) would be more potentially effective for: durability, performance, smoothness/alignment and allow the user to unscrew and screw the yoyos without fear of un-tuning their 200 buck yoyos.

I could go into much more detail, but I don’t think yous guys want to read a post that turns into a book.

But I have been modding yoyos now for over 15 years. I have a Machine shop at my home and where I work. And I have been working with machines and building cars and motorcycles for 40 years+. So I am not just blowing magic smoke at you guys.

Small vibes in yoyos don’t bother me. I guess it does kinda bother me that 6 out of my 6 YYR yoyos, all were vibey. Ya think I would have gotten a perfect one by accident.

I have heard and read the warnings about ‘Taking the yoyo apart might cause it to not be as smooth once you put it back together’. I can’t agree that that is true, because all mine were ‘funny’ when I got em; hahaha.

If you have to ‘fear’ eventually taking your yoyo apart, then you got the wrong yoyo.

I really love it when people make the statement, ‘you have to tune your yoyo’. Most amusing. Nobody ever really talks about the tuning procedure, though. I especially enjoy seeing the BST’s where people say things like,‘mint yoyo for sale. Slight vibe can probably be tuned out’. < Uh, how bout tuning it before you sell it?

A Magical process that many folks most likely don’t understand. <So for instance, you have a YYR yoyo. The axle is soo short that it only threads into each half about 4 or so threads deep. You make sure the bearing and the seats are clean and you screw the halves down enough to pull the halves squarely up to the bearing seats… And the yoyo has a vibe. Only needs a little tuning, bro. Magic Show at 7 sharp.


What mechanism is at work here then? What causes this phenomena besides the power of suggestion, and why is it specific only to YYR? I get that there’s some art to yoyo design but it’s still just aluminum halves with an axle through it. I find it hard to believe that YYR’s designs exist in this alternate universe that is subject to forces not affecting any other yoyo.

…and if there’s an answer to that, which there might be, could we actually say that the sacrifice makes any sense at all? I’ve got yoyos that perform just as good or better than YYR’s. If they’re doing something special that might cause vibe, they need to stop doing it, and take some lessons from companies who are doing high performance designs without the compromise.


I have a pink Sleipnir that I’ve never unscrewed for fear of this. It needs new pads so badly. :o

I have 6 YYRs and I’ve taken all of them apart, except for the aforementioned Sleipnir. But, I have another Sleipnir that I have unscrewed, and it’s still fine. I haven’t had any trouble with any of them vibing any more than any other yoyo.

A lot of yoyos require the axle to be in a particular place for them to be smooth. It happens all the time. I have a Chief that, when the axle is in the right place, is dead smooth. If it’s not, it vibes. No big deal.

As for the price, YYRs are made for the Japanese market. They were made to be purchased with yen. All yoyos are more expensive here. Splash Chiefs are ¥15,900, which is actually ¥1,000 more than solid color YYRs. I’ve said it before, if you get your checks in yen, YYRs make a lot more sense. I didn’t own any YYRs before I moved to Japan.

(Alex Fairhurst) #7

I have an acrophobia that’s dead smooth and I unscrew it on a daily basis. However I do have an E=Mc^2 that, once unscrewed, began to vibe a bit. It doesn’t affect play as it mostly a visible pulsating vibe. I think the vibe only happens on certain models.

I’ve had a Dreadnought, Sleipnir, and a Stardust v2 that all retained perfect smoothness after unscrewing. If I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick one up.


My clash has like, the smallest vibe, but if I got it tuned, I know it would go away, but in to lazy, haha!


^^^ This post is the best. Unfortunately, it will get buried. The bottom line on YYR seems to be that their designs are awesome but the downside of the design is that a bit of vibe is typical. I have a few YYR. They are fantastic. But also, I ain’t afraid of no vibe.


Lol… I read that little disclaimer on another site. Im glad to hear its just hype. Hopefully ill be getting a yoyorec for christmas.


Threads like this exist for a reason. It is the same “reasoning” that convinces many that a YYR is not worth the money that they charge. The warning about unscrewing the halves, exists only to protect a certain website from returns. It is NOT a YYR warning. People who have a vested interest in creating an image of disdain for their competition, blow this reseller-specific warning way out of proportion in a effort to discredit YYR value.

If YYR yo-yos are so bad, then why are they so popular in Japan? Why is it that new models from YYR sell-out in minutes after release? It must be because they are of inferior quality and vibe excessively. Yeah, now that I think of it, that is why my case - that used to be full of OneDrop, CLY, Gen-Yo, YYF, Rec-Rev; is now full of yoyorecreation, yoyomonster, yoyojoker, Turning Point and sOMEThING yoyos.

There is an old adage: “You get what you pay for”. In the case of these high-performance yo-yos from these Japanese manufacturers - there is a reason that people are paying the prices they are. Do not listen to others. The only way to find out is to give one a try. Beware though; you may never look at some of your iconic throws quite the same again.


Not only that, but they tend to hold their resale value rather well, so if by chance you decide to try one and end up not liking it, you’ll have a good chance of recouping most of your initial investment.


I’ll drop a hint here: the ones most affected by this problem are models that doesn’t have nubs in the center, or older designs with a straight-cut (hence weaker) nub.


Me again… I just wanted to make a few things clear that I could have included in my first response.

First off; I really like YYR yoyos. Sadly, I have only thrown the ones(models) that I have. The Sleipnir, that Messiah and the Stargazers. Those are the ones that I own. And those are the only models that I have ever tried.

My stating that all 6 of mine have some kinda vibe, in no way meant that I think they(mine) Represent the entire Spectrum of All yoyos that YYR has ever produced. Not one of mine(other than the blue/silver Stargazer I recut) has a degree of vibe that has any effect on my fun factor scale.

The warning that has been posted up on a certain site, about the unscrewing ‘thing’ seems more of a scare tactic than anything else. It does not affect my view of YYR.

I’m sure no dope or why would I have 6 of them.

The short axle does make it more critical to pay attention to what you are doing when you take them apart and then, put them back together again. You just have to make sure you start the threading correctly; no big deal.

I would actually like to get another YYR yoyo, but there are just soo many models; I haven’t got a clue which one to get next? I am thinking maybe a Gleipnir.

I don’t really think about the average 189 price tag on the YYR stuff. I figure you either have the money to bounce for them or you don’t. No rocket science or financial advisor neccessary.

I really do find the ‘Tune the yoyo’ thing to be amusing. I have just seen it said soo many times, yet nobody explains the/a procedure for ‘tuning out vibe’. < Most curious. I have digital equipment that allow me to indicate run out(edge vibe) or concentricity(out of round) to withing .0001 of an inch(1 ten thousanth). Kinda hard to share how I ‘tune’ yoyos since most folks don’t have my truing equipment sitting around in the machine shop in their garage.

YYR makes really good yoyos, regardless. And I have no doubt that many of them are prolly dead on smooth.