Why do YOYOFFICER you seem so prone to vibe?

I’m confused. I’ve gotten two Yoyofficer yoyos, and they play fantastic until you take them apart enough. After you take them apart enough times, they suddenly start vibing like crazy without warning. Does anybody know why this is?

You say that like its a fact all yoyofficers are prone to vibe.

Yoyos can become vibe randomly, then become smooth when they are screwed together again.

Are you a yoyofficer expert who has tried hundreds of models? I’m not.

You make a very good point. I guess I can’t accuse all Yoyofficer yoyos of this, but of the models I have tried, they started vibing when I took them apart and put them back together enough, and no matter what I tried it wouldn’t go back to being smooth. I don’t know why on Earth this happens, and I’m wondering if anyone knows.

Did they have tight bearing posts when they were new, and now they are not so tight?

That might be it

I own four YYO-yoyos and all four of them have become less smooth after unscrewing and screwing them back together. They still play as good as they did when i got them, but it is for sure an annoyance! Next YYO i’ll buy i’ll for sure not open.

How often are you guys unscrewing them? I’ve had my YYO Urban for a year and have had absolutely no issues with vibe, even after unscrewing it maybe half a dozen times because of especially stubborn knots. You’re not really supposed to unscrew yo-yos that often.

Most of mine got an increasing amount of vibe after opening them up for the first time.

As far as I can remember iv never had yoyos contract additional vibe by apparent screwing alone.
That said, I have owned more than a dozen yyos and they do seem have an above average rate of coming stock with noticeable vibe to begin with.

If I had a yoyo that utilized a bearing and I couldn’t take it apart due to fear of it being ruined in ANY sort of way as a result of taking it apart…I’d toss it right in the trash :wink:

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I mean, I’ve never been afraid to take mine apart. My Urban is a little workhorse and definitely doesn’t have vibe. I’m a little surprised that so many people seem to have a problem, tbh

Do you own any inexpensive Chinese aluminum yoyos?

I don’t own any YYO yoyos, so I don’t know first hand that they have this issue. However, I notice many in their line are inexpensive Chinese machined aluminum yoyos.

One Drop addressed this issue once on here:

I’m sorry to hear that. I have had an entirely different experience with yoyofficer. My urban, shift, and rave are as smooth as they come even after many many unscrews.

After experiencing the instant vibe after one unscrew with other companies I planned to purchase more yoyofficer… But I think I might buy a one drop instead. :grin:

I have a question for you guys.

When you say, ‘I took my yoyo apart’… do you mean you just unscrewed the halves?

Or did you also take out the bearing?

And if you took out the bearing and you didnt take out the bearing with the ‘proper tool’; that could be your problem.

I dont know what you did or what you ‘do’. But lets just say your favorite bearing removal tool is a pair of pliers. <then that would explain plenty right there.

If you distort the yoyo halves in any way while ‘removing’ the bearing; then nothing is going to get better.

And your yoyo wont play like it did before.

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Are yoyos really not supposed to be unscrewed?

If they were not to be unscrewed they’d be welded shut. :wink:

Totally agree that distorting the bearing post by using the wrong tool could cause problems, but even with a proper tool you have to rock it off the post. Also, if what David is saying is true, then just taking the yoyo apart multiple times could wear down the bearing post on one side, possibly inducing vibe.

I JUST unscrewed the halves. Never removed or tampered with the bearings that came with my four YYO’s :slight_smile:

No, no they would not. Probably some kind of press fit or some very though loctite.

I have take my Vector apart or unscrewed it alot of times and never had any viberation issues.

It sounds like many of you would be horrified to watch me yoyo. :flushed: If I get a knot I place my palm on one half of the yoyo, spin it quick, pop one half in the air and catch it, tear the string out, then throw the whole thing back together and keep going. I take my edc apart probably 3 times a day minimum.