Has anyone noticed with general yo's...?

So I just got my model 10 today (and WOW is it smooth), but I’m kinda nervous to play with it. When I got my (A-grade) Entheos, it started out dead smooth, and it started to get more vibey over time. Granted, I’ve dinged it pretty hard a couple of times, but I don’t remember whether or not the vibe started before or after I dinged it. Does anyone else know of anything that could have caused this? And has it happened with anyone else’s general yo’s that it gets slightly more vibey as time goes on?

Did its sleep time decrease?

Nope, my a grade entheos is still smooth as glass. It was most likely the dings that caused it.

Yeah and the stock bearing is dead silent, can t even tell if they are spinning. SO maybe after it went loud something in your mind told you it has vibe, but it probably doesnt unless you dinged it. My b grade is dead smooth even.

I know what you mean but on grinds it positively has a bit of vibe now. And I did ding it. At one point I was doing a front combo and it banged into the corner of my metal belt buckle, and another time I threw it at the same time that my friend threw his avalanche and they collided full force (not a fun time for either of us as you can imagine). It was probably the dings, but I feel like it started before the dings. Could unscrewing it and rescrewing it too many times have caused it?

People say that with YYR, but I have quite a GYO collection and they are ALL smooth, even my beat ones. Maybe you overtightened it, or screwed it in a bit crooked. Im not sure, but the most likely reason would be the ding if they are rather deep, they will often only vibe on grinds and not on a throw where you do string tricks when you ding it.

It was probably overtightening.

So is there any possible way to fix it? Could replacing the axle help?

Maybe, or maybe you could wrap some teflon tape on it. ALso try unscrewing and screwing it back together. ALthough you might as well just trade it to me now :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey if that’s a serious offer we could talk…

All my a grade General Yos are as smooth as the day I bought them. Even the B-grades are smoother than an a-grade CLYW.

you might want to try fine tuning the axle. There are plenty of threads on it if you’re not sure how to.

Only really early YYR and only certain models do this. It’s a stereotype that’s been blown wayyyy out of proportion.

As a big fan of General Yo, I can honestly say that I have NEVER tried a General Yo that didn’t have vibe. My majesty has small amounts of vibe, and my B-grade KLR has decent vibe on grinds. All the B-grade KLRs that Ernie were selling at BLC had vibe. My B+ grade Ministar had vibe when I got it, mint. So when people say that the B-grades are smooth as glass, I get pretty confused, because they’re not. In fact, the only dead smooth yoyo I’ve ever tried was my Dietz, and after unscrewing it and screwing it back together for the first time, it had a vibe that still is there.

My Magic-Yoyos from China has the same amount of vibe as my Majesty or my (now broken) Hatrick.

I have noticed though, every yoyo I get tends to get more vibey over time. Probably has to do with continually unscrewing the yoyo which would probably wear down the axle.

So when people talk about their Majesty or some other Gen-Yo throw of theirs being dead smooth, I’m pretty jealous of them.

I’m still a huge fan, but it’s pretty frustrating.

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Actually, yoyorecreation yoyos continue to be sold from at least one place with a warning. It looks like this:


I post this just to clear up that this is a known issue with YYR product.

Well a big problem with most these yoyos that you are listing…The b and b+ rating. Can B grades be dead smooth? Absolutely. Are they all? Absolutely NOT, or they wouldn’t be B grades.I have a Torrent II B grade, it vibes, not bad…but a little. I also have a Torrent II that was Ano’d all crazy by Jason Wong that started out as a B grade, and guess what? Smooth as a baby’s butt. These things aren’t all exact copies, each one has its own personality and play. With that said, my Majesty, one of my KLRs, my Model 10…if you didn’t hear the bearing you wouldn’t know they were spinning, smooth as glass. Consistently, I think Ernie nails it more than anyone else.

As a side note, I have dinged a yoyo ONCE in the entire time I have been yoyoing, one of those little tokens no less lol. I am very careful and I only yoyo over carpet/grass. Banging these very sensitively measured/machined yoyos on a hard surface is BOUND to have an effect.

That particular store posts that in order to cover their butt. There are no new issues with any of the new models since like 2009. And, having thrown several YYR, and unscrewed all of them with no negative affects, I stick with my original statement. I’m sure there are others who agree with me.

Idk if anyone mentioned this… cuz I’m feeling lazy to read…

But did you try cleaning the bearing and replacing the pads if need be? I’ve had throws where the response was peeling off or breaking apart which caused bad string rub and vibe. I was like :o Then noticed the pad was half peeled off.

I’ve also got smoother spins from cleaning my bearings.

Check your axle/threads for any damage and see if the bearing seat is warped at all…

I have this MYY T5… I only put it on my finger to abuse it. I throw it into the cement all day… and it takes the abuse LIKE A BOSS (even though it’s aluminum is supposedly so soft it dings from falling from waist height -_-) Still spins smooth, people are trippin’.

That whole website disclaimer thing sounds wacky. “It’s a Formula 1, so it’s finicky.”

Yeah, right. This is a yoyo, people. There are two threaded halves that are meant to be the same weight and shape, held together with an axle. There’s no mystery and no magic. I don’t know why people would attribute this more-mysterious-than-it-needs-to-be attribute to YYR yoyos. If they do start to vibe badly, that doesn’t make them a Formula 1… that makes them an overhyped… I dunno… Civic with a spoiler on it or something. :smiley:

Anybody with any sanity should see that A Soviet Locust has the right idea.

Note, I’m not saying they’re necessarily overhyped… only if this whole vibe thing is true. And since I do NOT think the whole vibe thing is true, I’m quite willing to believe these are fantastic pieces of work.

Oh wait, we were talking about General Yo… sorry! Carry on!

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My PM Majesty has a tiny vibe but I think it’s the bad silly job I did but I got a KLR today and it’s dead smooth along with my Majesty v2