Question about Clyw's and vibe.

I have always compared any clyw I’ve aquired through other means other then clyw store and YYE shop with A grades I’ve boughten. So far everything seems okay, but I’m curious if a Yoyo can seem dead smooth but almost feel like its vibrating, except the vibration is felt on the string if you hold onto the string semi close to the Yoyo. Does that mean its vibey? I have always mainly just bought A grades because I don’t ever bang or knick my throws I do my best to keep them mint and just throw over carpet. I take cheap metals like y dv888 if I don’t want to throw my plastics while out and about. What are other ways to know if a Yoyo has vibe? As long as it isn’t a protostar vibe does it effect play? Cause I feel like my protostar is weird because it almost vibes then goes smooth vibes then goes smooth but changed kinda quick.

Also if this question offends anyone or anyone hates this type of question or post I apologize in advanced I’m just curious and would like to be able to know if something has vibe. I’ve tried the fingernail thing but I’m not certain I’m doing it correctly. Thanks in advanced to anyone who answers my question :slight_smile:

Also out of all 9 clyw throws I own this general yo is the smoothest. I’m really glad I was able to get this. Not only is it my first general yo throw but it’s mint and pretty rare. I’m not sure what its worth but I traded pretty big for it. Makes me want a majesty but I know I won’t ever get one. Will they make more runs you think?

There isn’t a set definition of what “vibe” is. I suppose you could quantify it with specialized tools, but that isn’t something any yoyoer should be worrying about.

If you think your yoyo has some vibe, then it likely does. You really shouldn’t worry about it unless is seriously detracts from your enjoyment of the yoyo and your time spent using it.

General Yo is known for making very smooth yoyos and Protostars are known for having terrible vibe in some cases. CLYW throws are known to be generally smooth, but some have what many refer to fondly as “CLYW Vibe”.

All-in-all, don’t worry about it unless it gives you pause before you pick up your yoyo to throw.

Vibe is the Vibrating Feeling on the string, caused by the throw. “Wobble” or “Wiggle”, is when you See the yoyo jittering while spinning. If your yoyo has wobble, it probably also has vibe.

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Also, to kinda answer the question. Yoyo’s can vibe for several reasons including the bearing. If the yoyo has a small vibe when you hold the string but the yoyo itself is spinning tru then it might be the bearing. Kind of like how ppl say “only vibes on grinds” but “not on the string” all of that has to do it it is the bearing causing the vibe or the yoyo. I haver yoyos that vibe very slightly with a KK but are dead smooth with a 10 ball. Just trial and error. Sometimes yoyos go back and forth between vibe and smooth. It could be the humidity the fact that the bearing needs lube/cleaning. So many factors.

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@ the op - If you can “feel” the yo-yo on your throw finger while it’s sleepin then there is some vibe. If you throw a sleeper and touch your fingernail to the yo-yo gently and feel or hear a “ting ting ting ting ting (repeat)” really fast there is some vibe.

as far as play goes… a little vibe is ok in my book.

And yes, you do want a General Yo Majesty. Incredible yo-yo.

Hello! Yes, I am back for a bit. I never stopped throwing, but wound up getting very absorbed in fountain pens and their modification and repair. I’m glad to see some familiar and friendly faces around here!

As to the idea of bearings causing vibrations that you can feel through the string, I think mgiroux is right on the money. Even a perfectly tuned yoyo can vibrate if a sub-standard or very dry bearing is used.

Also, just about any yoyo can be tuned to eliminate vibrations as long as they aren’t being caused by alterations to the yoyo’s balance or bearing seat/axle. There are a couple great guides on tuning and even a YouTube video that shows a common method. I’ve always preferred the teflon-tape method because it doesn’t need to be reapplied after changing bearings or installing silicone.

Great to hear you never stopped throwing man!!! Glad your here too. YYE needs more ppl like you around…

I do believe I know where two still exist. Purple Mountain version. Let me know if you need the link. It’s not working for me at the moment, but it could be my connection

I’ve spent so much money on yoyos lately only way I could get a majesty, would be to trade for one. How much you guys think a majesty is worth? Because I know someone who has one but in thinking about how muc I should offer trade wise

I see, I hope you get one. They are great throws. The PMM looks phenomenal… but I prefer the 7075 version better. Plays like a dream

General Yo FTW! everyday of the week and twice on sunday! no one does it like Ernie!

Protostars are hand tested before shipping. What you are describing with your protostar is more than likely the result of something that has happened to it during its playing life and to generalize is I feel misleading.

I am pritty sure that they will make more. i have met some sponsered people that have magesties, so i think he is just going to hand them out to sponsered people. Pluss i have met the owner of General yo, and ill ask him next time i see him.

I think people overly obsess about vibe. If you have to get down and close up to determine if it has vibe you are worrying too much about nothing.

Yes, it’s always been my contention that dry bearings play rough. A bit of lube smooths things out immensely.

you are saying that all of the chinese protostars that have been made EVERYONE has been hand tested? because i have never felt a protostar WITHOUT VIBE and ive owned 2 and a northstar. testing one per run is diffrent than every one

Eh, some are smoother than others, but they are all fine.

My protostar has more of a pulse then a vibe. Anyone know why?

Exactly. Vibe, as long as it doesn’t seriously detract from your enjoyment when throwing, isn’t a big deal.

I’ve never been one to defend YYF, especially Ben, but I’ve got to step into his corner here. I do believe that every Protostar has been tested before shipping simply because I’ve never heard of one being completely unplayable out of the box. I don’t know what the rejection rate is at the factory, but there must be enough quality control to ensure that every single yoyo plays and plays well before being shipped to the customer. I’ve also never thrown a smooth one, but I absolutely can’t say that all Protostars have vibe because I haven’t thrown all of them. I’m sure they were designed and are manufactured to be smooth, affordable throws.

Also, any issues with vibe can be solved by the end user on any yoyo with an undamaged bearing seat. Through tuning and balancing the weight of each yoyo half, you can eliminate vibrations as much as you want.

Say you’ve got a serious ding on one half of your yoyo and it has caused some vibrations while throwing. Sand it down until it is smooth. Then, sand the other yoyo half equally. Voila! Your vibe issues should be much less than they were before.

Say your brand new yoyo has some vibe you don’t like. Head over to YouTube and search “yoyo tuning”. Follow the instructions until you’re happy with your new yoyo! It really is that easy!

In the end, though, if you’re so concerned about vibe that you’re not enjoying your yoyo and fixing the problem yourself seems too complicated or time consuming, just contact the manufacturer and they’ll likely be willing to help you. The yoyo industry has great customer service as a whole and 90% of the people involved in it are courteous and respectful. Give them an opportunity to help you and they likely will.