How little vibe is "no vibe"?


I’ve never played a yoyo with actually no vibe, but I see people talking about it. Is there such a thing as actually no vibe, or at least fully undetectable vibe? I have a cruddy throw, but a quarter of the time I can throw with no vibe added to the vibe that’s there no matter how much I silence it with my fingernail. But still, it’s quite obvious with the fingernail test, it’s just not visible. Is that bad, or expected?


My Cascade with a new 10-ball in it has virtually no vibe. I can’t tell if it’s spinning sometimes. My Yelets is also vibe free. As the bearings break in and wear I find that they can be the source of mild vibe…
I like the bearing vibe/noise if it’s mild. I gives me some feedback about how fast the yoyo is spinning.


Huh. I’ve heard reports of Arctic Circles having no vibe at all, but mine does have vibe. Maybe that’s the bearing? Oh well, I have a Gold center trac bearing coming in so maybe that’ll change things.


Vibe could be caused by various things. If your throw isn’t straight, it could cause vibe too.


In the 7 years of throwing I’ve had only one throw I can think of with absolutely no vibe which was a proto hspin gorilla. Couldn’t even tell it was spinning. Everything else I’ve been able to feel on the string or felt with the fingernail test. Of course most of the stuff from S.kon I got to try was unable to be felt at the end of the string to the point that you couldn’t tell it was spinning. All other throws I’ve owned or tried has had some form of vibe though which could be contributed by the bearing but I didn’t really care enough to try changing it.


The OP said his throw is less than perfect (isn’t everyone’s?) and that he silenced it with the fingernail test. So, a bad throw is not the kind of vibe he’s referring to…

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I’ve come across some throws with “no vibe”, although technically speaking every yoyo has vibe. (I guess if you could measure vibe to the smallest).


my AC is super smooth theres almost no vibe
depends how tight you tighten don’t wanta over tighten


I agree that most yoyos will have some tiny form of vibe in some way or another. It really doesn’t bother me, Im happy with a vibey throw.

The only DEAD smooth yoyo I’ve ever played is my YYF Galaxy Proton. My gen-yo Majesty was insanely smooth as well, but I swear, I tried every test possible with the Proton and I just couldn’t feel a thing.


My AC2 has no vibe, otherwise, they all have from a little vibe, to vibe that you can “feel” but doesn’t bother me.


I thought that my Burnside was super smooth until I got my Quake. That thing blew my mind, only way to tell it’s spinning is from the tiny bit of noise from the bearing. Grinds are like butter on it too.


Over the years I’ve had a few throws that were dead smooth when I got them including

Spyy OG punchline

Spyy Revenger

Spyy Addiction

Spyy OG trainwreck

YYF Primo

OD Markmont Next

YYF G-Funk

YYF 2010 888

CLYW Gnarwhal

And last but certainly not least, The Original Torrent, which was in a category beyond dead smooth.

It’s pretty much the norm and not the exception now that new throws will have no vibe.


Just remembered that the spyy radian Gen 2 was unable to be felt on the string as well

Spyy really did make some of the smoothest throws


My Draupnir with NSK Platinum bearing has zero vibe and is so quiet it’s hard to tell how much spin it has left. Sometimes I think due to the absence of sound it’s slowing down and then bind and it comes back super hard.

My Auldey Ares Star using YYF Gold Centertrac bearing also has zero vibe but is slightly louder.

Now I’m sure measuring with precise instruments you could detect some unbalance, but no human would be able to tell. You have to throw horrifically bad with these yoyos to introduce human-detectable vibration and that blurring appearance.

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No vibe = So much vibe you can’t even tell it’s there. :wink:


Put your finger nail against the yoyo while it’s spinning. If it’s dead smooth, that’s no vibe. Pretty much all CLYW ship with no vibe unless it’s fools gold. That’s the main reason they are very limited.


When they say no vibe, a,they literally mean no vibe. Whether its just no vibe on grindw, or no vibe at all.

Ive had afew throws that have no vibe whatsoever on grinds, but theyve all had at least a tad of string vibe.

So far for me though, the throes Ive had with no vibe on grinds were only like that with a high quality bearing in good condition. If I put an average bearing with some use(that still works perfectly fine), I get a little vibe from that. How tight you tighten your throw and how your axle is positioned can make a difference too.


It is impossible for a yoyo to have complete zero vibration. Only in theory can such a situation exist. But many yoyos have such a small amount of vibe it is undetectable to normal human senses so that’s what people mean when they say ‘dead smooth’ or ‘no vibe’.

I don’t notice if my yoyos have vibe or not; it’s just not something that bothers me. Rarely does vibration in yoyos affect performance. If a yoyo has a pulsating vibe, then it can cause the string to rub against the response system, slowing the spin. Vibe only bothers me when it’s on a yoyo that I plan on selling because I know so many people have a problem with their toys wiggling a bit.


“no vibe” = words on a computer screen that people put in their BST to sell their yoyo faster or in their review of a yoyo when they’re still in the honeymoon phase with it and everything about it is magically perfect.


You can’t know how little vibe is no vibe until you feel it. The only way it can be explained is by saying that you can put your fingernail to the yoyo while it’s spinning fast, and it just feels like it’s made out of butter or something very smooth. The only 2 yoyos I’ve ever had that were absolutely dead smooth were the Gen-Yo Majesty, and my Bonfire. The Bonfire had pretty significant vibe until I put a new axle in it. Now it’s absolutely vibe free. If you want to get a yoyo that has no vibe at all, I’d say try and find a second run Majesty.