How much vibe is too much?


I fairly new to the concept of vibe in a yoyo and if anyone out there has more experience or knowledge on the subject please enlighten me. All I know about it is that too much vibration in a yoyo is bad but how much does a yoyo have to vibrate to be an issue in playability. I’ve heard on YouTube yoyo reviews and such where they would say the vibe is an 8 or 6 what does that exactly mean? for example I purchased a B grade yoyo and I can definitely feel the vibe but I’m not sure if the vibe is affecting playability, i can feel it but when it’s spinning it’s not wobbling or anything.


I think everyone has their own opinion on this. To me if it’s wobbling to the point you can’t really play then it’s got bad vibe. If it’s just pulsing on the string, no big deal.

I know some pros that like a yoyo to vibe a little bit, they say if the stage is a little darker it can help them to feel where the yoyo is at.


in my experience vibe doesn’t affect play as far as being able to perform a trick. It affects the enjoyment of performing the trick. A smooth yoyo just feels better when you play it. Wobble on the other hand is bad.


I’ve never had a wobbly yoyo… Do I not bash and smash my yoyos against the ground enough?

All personal opinion. I don’t mind vibe, but I always try to tune it out if possible (might as well, right?). With a plastic, I feel like I have to have some. It just doesn’t seem like a plastic if it is dead smooth.



We have to test yo-yos for vibe pretty frequently here at YoYoExpert. Whether it’s for a return, defective yo-yo, or for certain customers who are overly picky (nothing wrong with that, to each their own ;)). And the one person here who cannot test for vibe is the Eric; he’s tried, he can’t tell. Pros really don’t care about vibe, most don’t notice it really.


Honestly, anything I would consider “vibe” usually is just a result of me having a bad throw. I’m pretty careful with stuff, and I’ve never actually damaged a yo-yo severely enough for it to be unusably wobbly.

Minor vibe just seems to be a kind of elitism within the community, to me. I have lots of crass things to say about this, but I’ll just leave it at that.


If the vibe is assertive enough to break my focus on a combo, then it’s bad. Otherwise, it’s just part of the character of that yoyo and it is ok with me. As I get better, vibe is less of a distraction.


I think the biggest thing is you have to be very careful about listing how much vibe a yoyo has when you sell it. Which in turn makes you want to get yoyos that have little to no vibe, because if you ever want to get rid of it, you’d sell it easier and for more money.

Due to this, I feel that, for the most part, those who care about vibe more are the ones who use the BST more. Those who don’t dont mind vibe as much in my opinion.


If i can feel the yoyo vibrating while i grind, thats too much vibe for me


I find that the more I throw, the less I care about vibe.

I think its something that intermediate throwers care more about than the experienced.


If I notice the vibe on grinds/string, it is changing how the yoyo feels and making it not play exactly as planned. not a good thing from a collectors perspective.


I think if the vibe causes the yo-yo to become unstable, that’s too much.

Conversely, if the yo-yo is so smooth that I can’t feel it at the end of the string, I don’t like that either.

That being said, I’ve been throwing since the mid 90s off and on and the only throws I’ve ever played with that had “too much vibe” were wooden yo-yos with big chunks taken out of them, or cracked plastic throws. I’ve yet to try or find a modern yo-yo like that. I have some real cheap ones, too.


My rule of thumb is that if i can see the yoyo vibing with my naked eye after putting a finger against it to cancel out any effects of a bad throw, then it’s too much. That is for a metal, mind you.


Hmmm, I would classify that as wobble rather than vibe.


I really only care about excessive or pulsating vibe. Eastfield’s standard above is pretty much mine, but a tiny bit of visible vibe is okay depending on the throw, so long as it isn’t pulsating.

For example, my Evora and Tundra are either dead smooth or have a bit of vibe depending on how the axle is positioned. Screwed all the way into either side and you can just barely see the vibe after a fingernail test. But it’s consistent and not pulsating, so it doesn’t bother me at all. If i feel like it, I can tune the axle properly and they’re dead smooth. So I’m alright with that.

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Playability wise, vibe doesn’t really make a difference in playability. At worst they may ruin your experience.
Personally I like it to be as dead smooth as possible, especially if I can’t feel if the yoyo spinning at the end of the string.


If you are selling a yoyo; even a large amount of vibe is ok🤓

But if you are buying a yoyo; any amount of vibe is too much and the seller should drastically reduce the price to make a sale.

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You’re really good at life.


I know. Pay attention and learn🤓

If my low brow humor escapes you; that is just the way it is.

And this March I will be twice your age. I may actually know alittle more than you may think🤔


I think there are two things that would make any thrower happier if they can learn not to be bothered by them:

Vibe and dings.