How to test for vibe

It always sucks when someone on the bst lists a yoyo smooth and when you get it, it has vibe. It’s not because they lied, it’s because they don’t actually know how to test for it.

Now they know.


Thank you for sharing.

I’ve always thought it interesting that the vibe in old CLYW and Antiyo is, I don’t want to say welcomed, but not much shade is thrown about it, where as other throws around that time or soon after are not allowed that same luxury. And then nowadays, it’s not even let out the door by most companies if it has a sliver of vibe (which is great to the consumer, but the seller likely takes a big hit selling as b grade.)


I’ve always accounted this to the price people pay.

Paying $500+ for a throw may bias your opinion.

There were certain second run peaks in particular that went for cheap because of how poor they performed but most of that has been forgotten and they all just fall under being a peak.

The Fluchs I owned nearly had wobble and the eetsit had a design flaw. Bapes we’re cheap for a bit until one went for way too much on eBay and it caused Antiyo to skyrocket in price.


I could be wrong, but I feel like I remember a time when a whole gang of bapes were sitting in the YYE store for quote a while, possibly to the point of being discounted


My memory could be wrong, but I think I remember seeing this with the Viszilla on yoyonation store.

People we’re reporting string break from the finish, posting pics of the damage, and many stayed away. Lead to a discounted price like you said.

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That would be the bape 2 and they did get discounted

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Sometimes I’m really glad I started playing yoyo at a time where we’re fortunate enough that obsessing over nail vibe is the worst thing we can say about modern yoyos out of the box.


When all the yoyos vibed, ignorance was bliss.


I stumbled onto this forum post from a decade ago last night and it gave me a good chuckle. 10 years later and we’re still having the same discussions lol.


I do not believe you could tune a Fireball to be dead smooth, and there’s nothing you could say to convince me otherwise. :rofl:

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Ill Vibes

“Whats Vibe? It’s like a YoYo enhancement. Hubstacks? Its like counterweight , Its like Inner Ring Grinds…”


My biggest issue with vibe listing on secondhand markets is that the vast majority of yoyos have vibe. I own over 50 yoyos from different companies, and I have only ever experienced one yoyo without any vibe whatsoever (Shout out to reticulated return tops). I feel like this is compounded by the majority of yoyo reviewers claiming that a yoyo is glass smooth or no vibe whatsoever when it likely has some slight vibe. I feel like an individual cannot accurately determine when a yoyo is completely smooth until they have tried something that is actually perfectly smooth (I acknowledge that it is possible that my dead smooth may also change if I somehow try a yoyo smoother that what I have tried in the past). These tests should help individuals better identify vibe, but I feel like the majority of yoyoers have not played with a completely dead smooth yoyo, and therefore will mark slight vibe as dead smooth.

Another thing is that some people will list things as mint when they play the same as they did when bought new. This could be a problem because some may assume that mint means perfectly smooth when most yoyos do not come completely smooth.

This is slightly unrelated, but if someone lists a yoyo as mint, I believe it should have the original bearing, and original pads. This is especially so with yoyos that have specialized bearings or responses.

I once got a MFD listed as mint that had a slight vibe, had one of the monkey snot responses replaced, and had the original bearing switched with something of lower quality. It was slightly upsetting.


If I wasn’t sure without a thumbnail test, not sure I really care about vibe. If I feel the string pulse, that’s never good.


Love me some General yo


I have two, will never sell.


The humor is a la Bevis and ■■■■■■■■. Not passing judgement, but it’s a thing. Off topic, for some reason I really liked King of the Hill by Mike Judge, but couldn’t get into Bevis and ******** ( there I did the censorship myself) Censor does not like Hineyhead.


Charles and Jensen were ahead of the vibe judgement curve with “Inner Ring Grinds” , and they did bring us the 420 and CBD lite in recent years.


Honestly, I would bet money 95% of people couldn’t tell if a throw has vibe or not when playing.


Way back in another time and place when TVs had picture tubes you could test for vibe by throwing a hard sleeper and hold the yoyo in front of the screen. The 60 hz frequency flicker of the screen acted as a fast strobe and you could see the vibe. I haven’t tried this with an LED TV.

That said, if a yoyo doesn’t exhibit noticeable string vibe, it’s good to go for me.


You are probably right. That is why it is annoying for those of the 5% who can, especially when the person you are buying from can’t and claims that the yoyo he is selling is dead smooth.

I believe the purpose of this video is to help protect that 5%.