How much does vibe bother YOU?

Ok, so I know this topic has been brought up before, but how much does vibe bother you? For me, it only bothers be when I’m told the yoyo has no vibe, then I get a yoyo with vibe :stuck_out_tongue: It bothers me the most when it’s on grinds, or if I’m planning on selling the yoyo. Other than that, I like a bit of vibe on the string.

I mainly throw metal, so I am intolerant of vibe.

I don’t mind vibe as long as it doesn’t mess up my grinds.

But I hate when caps vibe and make weird sounds. :frowning:

Doesn’t really bother me… unless its like a pulsating vibe that doesn’t stop after you stick your nail on it to stop the vibe because most vibes are from bad throws.

I am annoyed when vibe is a deal breaker in trades.
I don’t mind it as long it doesn’t effect play.

Problem is, vibe is subjective to the thrower. So when making deals, if the throw has vibe, it could mean a number of things. I’ve purchased or traded for yoyos with a “hint of vibe”. And then I get it, and it sounds like Morse code when I touch it with my nail. Or it feels like a bag of bees at the end of the string.

I’m a stickler about vibe. I don’t like it. I wouldn’t trade a throw that I know is smooth for one that I know is not. But, that’s just me.

I always prefer zero vibe, but as long as the yoyo is playable then it’s “ok”.

It bothers me when there is no vibe at all, but that is easyly fixed. Other then that can’t say it bothers me at all.

Vibe doesn’t really bug me. In fact, I like a little bit! If it’s pulsing, though, it’ll bother me. Otherwise, not so much.

I don’t like vibe on my twizzlers.

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Normal vibe doesn’t bother me I use it to determine how much time left in the throw. But my YYF whistling yoyo has the worst vibe I have ever felt on a yoyo.

I like vibe! otherwise yoyos feel too smooth and you cant even feel it on the string. Kinda like my capless, its so smooth sometimes i forget its there

If it’s just a bit of vibe, I don’t mind, but if it’s to the point where it’s unplayable/pulsating, then I can’t stand it.

It’s at the end of the string!

Or if you look at the end of the string and you see finger, it’s at the OTHER end. ;D

Is the yoyo tied to me, or am I tied to the yoyo?


I find asking them if the yoyo passes the fingernail test to be the best way to find out if it has no vibe

Well if I know something has been dead smooth and then becomes vibey, then it bothers me a whole lot.

Bothers me, but mostly in principle. I definitely don’t want to receive a new yoyo that’s noticeably vibey. That doesn’t feel right, and when you deal with YYE in particular, they’ll take care of it so there’s no reason to have to live with it.

I also don’t like vibey throws because they’re much harder to sell. I’m way too honest to let it go unmentioned and for most people, any mention of vibe immediately makes the yoyo damaged goods.

And finally, I just like having a minty fresh collection. Knowning a yoyo vibes is sort of like knowing there’s a pinprick on it. Even if it doesn’t affect play, I know about it.

Vibe bothers me when others make a big deal out of it.