Do you mind vibe?

Do you mind vibe? How much vibe do you consider acceptable?

Yes very much

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For me, it depends on what kind of vibe. I don’t mind a bit on the string, but if it’s in grinds, I can’t stand it.

not if i pay a lot for the yoyo.

No, not really.

I focus mainly on 5a, which means that I drop my yoyos a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever had a yoyo that was mint for more than 24 hours. As such, almost all of my yoyos have a decent amount of vibe.

Doesn’t bother me, I’ve gotten used to it.

I don’t like vibe at all, personally. It just bothers me to have my yoyo vibrating, but that’s just me :). I tolerate a little vibe, but once I can hear it and feel it coming from the throw, I know it’s time for lube.

Vibe schmibe. If it feels good, I’ll throw it.

I prefer an amount of vibe over a dead smooth yoyo.

I don’t mind it much. I have dead smooth yoyos and yoyos that vibrate like crazy, but they’re all fun.

I don’t mind. Half the time my throws are ever-so-slightly less than perfect, inducing vibe. I’m working on that, but in the meantime I’m still willing to continue learning tricks while there’s some vibe. :wink:

The great thing about super-smooth yoyos is that when they’re vibing, you KNOW it’s your throw, and you can work on it. (ie. it’s not a false positive induced by the yoyo itself; you only have yourself to blame!). But in general? Nah, don’t care much.

Not at all. In fact I don’t like yoyo with no vibe.

Vibe doesnt bother me that much unless its visible. But I do prefer my yoyos to be totally smooth.

I don’t mind it at all. I use the same theory for yoyos and fountain pens. Perfectly smooth is boring. Some roughness around the edges adds character and creates more of a personal bond with the instrument.

Agreed. I like to “feel” the yoyo on the string, so to speak.

Depends on the yoyo. An A/Badass-grade General Yo should be smooth as butter. As for something as a YYJ Trigger, i dont really care. Atleast to the degree when the vibe is so severe it transitions to wobble.

For me, I just get annoyed if there’s wobble but a little bit of patience and some teflon tape usually fixes that. Vibe doesn’t affect my play so I just go with it.

I like my high ends dead smooth. With something like a northstar, I don’t mind.

It depends on the throw, and how much I traded for it. If I can pay less for a vibey yoyo, then yay.