Vibe, or no vibe?

Hey guys! I have recently noticed that I enjoy yoyos more that have some vibe on the string so I can feel it while I am playing. Anybody else like this???

Please, if you like vibe, vote on how much, and the one that says “I like my yoyos with vibe.”

If you post in the thread why you like no vibe or with vibe that would be greatly apreceated!

Have a good day!

I don’t care really, I can play a vibey wobbling yoyo with no problem. And a dead smooth yoyo no problem. But I do like plastic vibe. Just a little tiny but so you know it’s there ;).

:o ???
My mind has been blown that someone on this forum does not care about vibe.

I like tiny vibe so u can buy it for less , u know its there, and it doesnt really affect play

I don’t really care about vibe on a bi-metals or plastics, but on my high end metals I don’t like any or much vibe, because I payed good money for them.

I like a yoyo with no vibe whatsoever… I dont mind playing a yoyo with a vibe though, as long as it doesnt affect play… But I like purely no vibe a little better

There are many yoyos that I would own only under the condition that I could smash them on the ground first to give them a vibe.

And that means…

He loves vibe. As for me, I don’t really care, I care more about the other aspects of how a yoyo plays. I can have just as much fun with my dead smooth Chief, my New Velocity that has a little bit of vibe, and my One with the broken bearing seat that’s as vibey as all get out.

I don’t really like dead smooth yoyos or ones that wobble.
Vibes something that I have developed my skill around and I can’t imagine not having some vibe, when I come across it I don’t’ like it. I could probably get used to it, but 5A makes it so I don’t have to anyhow. :slight_smile:

Well I’m going on a cruise for a week, so I brought the lowest price throw that I possess, which is my onestar. For some odd reason it vibes, but it does not affect the performance of the yoyo, so I can survive throwing this for the entire duration of the trip, which is one week. However, it does fool around with my OCD a bit though.

All of the yoyos I’ve owned for more than a few months have vibe. I’m not one for keeping throws mint and I don’t care at all about rarity of colorway or engravings. I buy my yoyos to be thrown and played with, not to be looked at and savored.

I prefer any yoyos I buy from a retail store to be vibe-free right out of the box, but don’t get any less enjoyment out of yoyos that arrive with slight, average, or above average amounts of vibe.

What I do mind is being lied to about vibe during trades or sales with members of forums. If someone claims their yoyo is vibe-free or smooth, I expect it to be so. If they claim it has vibe, then I expect it to be so and it won’t do a thing to determine the price I pay for the yoyo.

Strangely enough, the only yoyo I own that is still perfectly smooth is a truly beat-to-hell YFactor from One Drop. I’ve put that yoyo through more abuse than most throws can possibly handle before having their axles bent or developing a serious wobble, but the YFactors brass inserts seem to have prevented it from developing any vibe, wobble, or instability due to the amount of metal I’ve taken off it through smashing it against the ground during play.

You need a “I don’t care” choice. :wink:

Wobble is annoying. Everything else is okay.

i know right? lol I actually don’t care xD but he asked how I like it, and that’s with 0/0 vibe. ;D

i like my yoyos with just enough that you can tell its there.

No vibe is preferable on a metal, otherwise, I dont actually care. Vibe does not mean a bad yo-yo, and I hate people who worry about vibe in everything. But that’s me.

Yoyos are meant to be played, not babied.
More than likely it will get vibe eventually.
I dont care about vibe but if it wobbles? I will not tolerate.

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I like a little bit of vibe. As long as its not like a pulsating broken plastic vibe, it doesn’t bother me any. I love my yoyos, but I’d rather they not have a heartbeat. :]

…I enjoy dead smooth yoyos on occasion, hence why I own a few OneDrops, but if I’m not in the mood for it the yoyo really just feels dead to me. I like the feedback that a little vibration gives. On a side note however, I do find it a little more bearable to play dead smooth yoyos when I leave the bearing dry. The sound makes up for a little bit of the feedback that is lost. :slight_smile:

Vibe on Plastics, no prob, unless its Delrin, vibe on bi-metals? As long as its not too heavy. Vibe on Metals? Unless its old/ scuffed to heck/ b-grade, I should not feel vibe what so ever.

I used to not even stand vibe, but I’m learning to accept it more.

I don’t really like vibe on my metals because I’m a fan of grinds. Other than that, a little is okay.