Let's talk vibe.

So I’ve been throwing for about two years and vibe has only been an issue for me on one occasions; that was a inspire that the rim was coming off because I hit my counter. That actually cause the throw to bind due to vibe. Other than that, vibe has never bothered me in the slightest. I actually prefer vibe to be there, makes me really feel the throw, gives it some emotion and character.

I’ve come in contact with a bunch of people that really only care about whether a throw is smooth or not, and if it’s not 100% vibless, they don’t want it. I’m just curious as to why? I’m trying to understand the other side, not start an argument. So can we please have a discussion about this?

Thank you to all of those who took the time to read this.

I’m a perfectionist so even if there’s a little vibe on my high end throw it bugs me lol. That’s why I don’t like vibe. But it’s fine if the vibe’s on a cheap plastic. :wink:

I hate vibe. Any vibe. I’m OCD about tuning.

For me vibe Isn’t really big deal as long as its minimal that I can’t feel it all the time. Plus isn’t vibe just like unstable so if so just find a way to change it or just like it the way it is.I don’t have any yoyos that have vibe I have tried several that do

I love dead smooth throws maan… A little vibe on a high end is alright. It just bugs me when I play a high end metal with pretty noticeable vibe… It’s okay if it’d a plastic though…

Yeah I can’t stand vibe on grinds. At all. Thus all the Yoyos I use are about as smooth as glass.

I like vibe. I love vibe. I prefer vibey yoyos over non-vibey yoyos.

But the weirdest thing is, I love General Yos. Huh.

First person on my side :stuck_out_tongue: but I know that feel for gen yo. Amazing throws!! But the only reason I’m seeing from the above answers is it bothers you because it’s there. But I’m still looking for more of a reason. I still don’t understand.

I second the notion.

I like yo-yos that are broken or have something wrong with them. They’re far more interesting to play than a yo-yo that spins forever and you can’t feel if it’s spinning or not.

I’m in the same boat. I prefer there to be a bit of vibe (in the yoyos I’m not selling or trading).

I understand why some prefer their yoyos that they spent good money on to be dead smooth, but I try to look at yoyos through the lens of realism…

You’re throwing two machined pieces of aluminum that are spinning at ~3,000 RPM and you require them to be in perfect alignment and vibe free? That’s just not a realistic mindset.

If it doesn’t mess with the play, I really don’t care.

You’re paying $100-$250 on those 2 pieces of aluminum :wink:

Yeah and I spent $500 on my TV. It still gets hot.


I paid $2500 for my computer and it still gets hot :wink:

This made me laugh so hard. XD

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Buy that one new $500 Oxygen YoYo, and tell me if you expect vibe or not.

Haha! I’m sure it’s vibe free, but it’s an Oxy and that’s what we expect from them. I love how glass smooth my Syzygy is, but the smoothness does not make it a better yoyo than my beater Northstar. It was simply more expensive and more shiny. :wink:

I do not care about vibe. I would never return a yoyo because it had vibe. It doesn’t affect my play enough to ever be a deciding factor for me. Sometimes feeling that vibration on the string and in your throw just makes you feel alive!

Thank you for this post! I love the last line!

I don’t mind a tiny bit of vibe as long as it’s not visible. Visible vibe bothers me for some reason. I do prefer for my yoyos to be smooth, though.


Vibe I can feel - don’t care in the slightest

Vibe I can see - we gots problems son.

I like a tiny amount of Vibe. I’m still a noob. It is how I tell how fast it is spinning. I have a summit with a 10 ball with no discernable vibe. My only yoyo I can’t feel at all on the string in any way. I do like it. It is also my most quiet. Smoother than my general Yos. I have nothing that compares.

That said, I haven’t taken to tuning yet.