Who Cares About Vibe? (Random Ranting)

So I know some people just love a dead smooth yoyo but to me I really don’t care about it as long as it works. I mean it’s like having that smooth peanut butter and comparing it to crunchy; It’s all good but when your yoyo vibes like peanut brittle it has gone to far.

So aside from my ranting what is your preferance? I like just enough vibe to know the yoyo is still there, It just really annoys me how dead smooth some other yoyos can be but thats just me. (again ranting)

I love them just the way they are.
if my yoyo has vibe, i dont mind it.
but some of my yoyo are dead smooth, and i wouldn’t do anything just to obtain some sort of vibe for it.

i think smoothness is there to indicate how good the craftmanship from a manufacturer is.


I could care less if I’m not going to grind with it. I mean my Hectic has a vibe (after hitting the floor countless times) and it’s just fine with any trick that you don’t grind. And I mean I can do a grind but I just would like to with do it with a yoyo that doesn’t vibe. But over all I don’t think it matters that much seeing as how grinds aren’t something I do a lot.

All yoyos I have have vibe, even if it’s just a slight vibe coughCLYW vibecough, and, honestly, I wouldn’t trade the yoyos I have right now :slight_smile:

I love my Sasquatch, 5*, Mercury, and Gorylla.

And, I agree that it is quality. If I buy a 140 yoyo, it shouldn’t have vibe, IMO. But, if it’s used, and has the wear to prove its vibe is worth it, I’ll go for it :slight_smile: My 5* has vibe, and although if it isn’t ridiculous and after receiving it Thursday, I don’t leave the house without it.

If my yoyo is vibing like when you hit the ground with a spinning yoyo, I care.

But why not a smooth and vibless yoyo? Like I wouldn’t change a smooth or low vibe yoyo to a high vibe. Most yoyo’s I play have vibe, but as long they play good and I have a good throw, it’s all good.

And most vibe comes off during the middle of your combo.

Vibe annoys me.

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I don’t know. Vibe sort of gives me an optical illusion, therefore I miss a lot on my tricks.

same, just as long as its not extreme vibe…

Vibration is annoying. I don’t want to feel anything on the end of the string or on grinds, except weight.

Thread # 2000 on vibe. Ugg.

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Good to know.
how would you feel about woble samad?

Smooth just makes me feel that the yoyo is so… like… Awesome? The less the vibe the more tricks I can land, although it may doesn’t matter, it’s just psychological preference IMO.

If the vibe comes with the yoyo stock, I don’t really mind. But if the vibe is caused by me (dings, etc.), I would start to feel irritated, knowing that I could very well prevent that from happening.

dings are as natural as hitting a deer on the highway… you could have prevented it… but it happens anyway…


i don’t like it when a yo yo gives me bad vibes…as i’m mostly a positive person.



I got over caring about the vibe in a yoyo.

Any yoyo plays as good as the player throwing it and having one thats smooth or that has a vibe does not affect play to my knowledge.

Vibe gives a yoyo character.

I too am getting over vibe, I have been grinding with a yoyo that has a vibe and it’s not that bad… I just like smooth throws better if I had to pick one.

Don’t mind vibes, so long as they a good vibes.

Vibe is okay so long as it’s minimal. If I’m Paying to dollar though I expect Bo vibe.