Top 5 B-Grades

Some recent talk on Vibe, Alternate Top 5s and since it is B-grade sale season, why not another list. B-Grades, also know as Player Grades, Fools Gold, Glitches, Not Quite Perfect, Trainers, Competition Grade, and probably some other colorful adjectives or acronyms to designated them as NOT A Grades. These typically are available at a lower price point because they can come with numerous types of flaws, whether it be issues in anodizing, cracking, engravings, or that unprecedented VIBE. Since this is explained upfront the buyer receives a discount for acceptance and then has a free conscious to just play and not worry about jeopardizing collectability.

Here are my Top 5 B-Grades

  1. CLYW Fools Gold Yeti 2.0, These are $5 and the hubs may crack out on you, but for $5 this is a lot of fun Yo-Yoing that cost less than the shipping.

  2. OG RSO/Anti-Yo YWETi, This was the first release of the YWETi and was an IG DM sale, these were an anodizing fail tying to mimic the classic Orange and Blue 1/2 swap. They turned out to be a muted brown and blue, so ugly that they actually came out really cool in my opinion and are really good players even though the anodizing comes off rather easily, its still titanium.

  3. Basecamp B-Grade Sherpa, In my Top 5 Sherpa List the brown was faded and there was a pinprick or two on the black rim, I’ve added more dings over the last couple of years and have no regrets.

  4. MK1 And Spinworthy RBC (Red Blood Cell), I picked up a B-Grade Scrubs at a discount, I guess the splash doesn’t line up, NBD (no big deal) it plays great.

  5. YYF DV888 B-Grade, Ever wonder how a “Rock” throws? Well this is the standard that everyone compares rockiness too, a lot of hate out there for the DV888, but for the B-grade prices it is a fun undersize pocket throw and you won’t feel bad about giving it away. Maybe not the best throw to set up responsive in my opinion, but the DV888 does pack a punch.


Nice! I’ll try to edit this later with my list, but I want to give a shout out to the newer Genesis B grade


  1. 2007 b grade 888 -. Best b grade ever, an 07 88 that you can play your heart out with.

  2. B grade half USA half black Hatrick - I got it for $60 I think, this one explains itself.

  3. FG Gold Nugget Peak -. Pretty sure this one explains itself too. This is the only one I list I didn’t own at one point.

  4. B grade Tivayder - Got it for less than $80 I believe, it’s titanium, don’t even know how lucky I got with this one.

  5. Gotta agree on the B grade RBC - Buy an RBC people, they are amazing.

On a side not, I have a BBB Peak 2 b grade coming, I can’t wait.


B AC 888 was a cool b grade with it’s then. Can’t think of many other b grades that were like that

  1. CLYW Fools Gold Yeti 2.0. It’s $5, enough said. There is just nothing else out there that are as cheap as these.
  2. B Grade Throwback Civility (the new bimetal version, not the old monometal one). It’s ridiculously cheap at $40 for a bimetal that comes with a premium ceramic bearing that itself already costs $25. It’s basically $15 dollars for the yoyo. No reason not to get one.
  3. B Grade Ti Vayder. The Ti Vayder itself is already very cheap, $140 at retail and is a remake of the legendary Ti Walker. And the B grade costs way less than that. What’s not to love? Plus, less than $100 for a Ti? Sign me up.
  4. B Grade YoYoFactory D10. Amazing player for only $20.
  5. B Grade YoYoFactory Popstar. $10 to try out a decent mini yoyo, no reason not to.
  1. B grade Shutter, because I literally competed with it
  2. B grade Turntable, I bought a 20 dollar mystery yoyo and ended up with it
  3. B grade Civility, an absolute powerhouse of a throw
  4. B grade Atlas, zero vibe for a mere 40 bucks
  5. B grade Sugar, a totally great throw that deserves more attention

Copped the kapital and the Kommune . Got today but will say very impressed !


Two very overlooked throws that fell victim to the Artisanal anodizing debate. I’ve already told @yyfben2 he had me at “Flat Bearing” last year, but these are really an aMAYzing deal this year.



Artisanal Markings

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I don’t have a Kommune, but I couldn’t agree more on the Kapital being overlooked. It’s just a really good yoyo that no one talks about.


I going to assume these are @Thokmoo Top 5 B-Grades at the moment


100% :fire:

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My actual favorite b grade experience was a YYF Czechpoint a few years back, still throw it.