What is B-grade?

I’ve heard of B-grade. I have seen the logo. I don’t know what it is.

production error

Like CLYW fools gold yoyos?

yeah :slight_smile:

Just some rejects from the yoyo company that have small flaws.

B grade means either a flaw in the anodizarion, or some small vibe. Personally I don’t care about ano flaws. But the vibe sucks

Why make a B Grade shirt?? I would rather be A grade than B grade :smiley:

What he said…

The B-Grade shirt is simply a regular shirt with the B-Grade stamp on it as a graphic.

LOL patrick!

My favorite yoyo to date was an 08 888 bstock. Thing was crazy crazy smooth. I have two different halves to make it spin perfectly. However, it looks a little odd haha. I just bought an 888x purple a grade and might bet trading my 08 888 bstock since I really don’t need two of them. But it just depends. I love mine but the only thing b stock about mine are the two halves are different.

[s]B-Grade is actually a type of yoyo that greatly misunderstood in the community.

See, the “B” in B grade actually stands for “boss”

What does this mean?

It means that these yoyos were produced at a higher quality compared to the simple “A” or “Average” grade yoyos.

These Boss grade yoyos are made from a higher quality metal, with a higher quality finish and a much better bearing resulting in the ability for you to win contest and score high points much easier.

Its a common misconception that a B grade yoyo is lesser than an A grade due to alphabetically B being bellow A, when in fact, in the case of boss and average grade yoyos, its quite the opposite.

I know many won’t like me sharing this information as for quite a while, individuals were selling B grades for lower prices than A grades, but I feel it needed to be said and lets face it, the truth would come out eventually.

Shop around, and look for the yoyos with that engraved B grade stamp.

The stamp that tells the world so blatantly, that the owner of that yoyo.

Can yoyo…

like a boss.



Josh - if you are going to make a ‘joke’ you need to make sure it is understood as a joke. Sarcasm does not come across the internet as easily as it does in person. People are asking for real questions and you as you are considered an ‘expert’ on this forum people expect real answers from you…

To answer the question:
B-Grade obviously stands for a product that isn’t ‘perfect’. It usually has some minor flow in spin or production quality. It does not stand for BOSS. Funny maybe but try and make the sarcasm clear if you choose to use it.



now im happy i have a b grade KARMA


All that he says is true. (not really, but yes.)

The fact that I own YYR B-grades makes me even more boss.

Thanks yall

I don’t know. Every other industry I work with and in purchases, B-Grade is often not an inferior item, but typically a run with some sort of trivial cosmetic flaw or other issue that the company feels that the consumer would have issue with and wouldn’t pay full price.

This is different than B-stock items. B-Stock items, especially in the audio and lighting world, are often lights that were loaned out NEW from a company(often for a one-off gig and to get some free publicity) to a production company. The gear was used, then returned to the company, As it has technically been used, it can’t be sold a new, so it tends to go into the world of B-Stock and sold at a discounted price.

Used/Refurb is a whole other world.

And why do I often seen B-Grades sell(even new) at lower prices? I’m not suggestion something inferior, just that there’s got to be a reason behind the lower price.

I guess some niche’s gotta “rebel against the norm”.

However, I’m sure the High Expectation Asian Father wouldn’t accept a B-Grade yoyo!

b-stock doesn’t happen in the yoyo world.

ok :slight_smile:

About B-grade, I noticed back at the BAC, I was able to snag a RecRev No.9 for only $30 as opposed to the normal $60 it should have been (had the acid wash ano on it). Wasn’t sure if this would have been a b-grade but I did not notice any flaws in it visually, or performance-wise. My bro on the other hand snagged a Spyy Stryker that has a little bit of vibe to it for a bit less than half the price it is normally sold for.

yo yos, for one reason or ‘nother, that are deemed not worthy for retail sale. usually the issue is w/ the coatin’, color and/or annod. a few have had problems w/ play, i.e. the g&e iv by hspin. but i don’t think they called 'em b-grade…i think they were just flawed.

but yyf b-grades usually play true, at a lesser price. and in the end isn’t that what it’s all 'bout…play?



It just doesn’t make sense to offer a “superior” product at a lesser price than the “mainstream” product. Call it a “Boss grade” or limited edition and then sell it for a premium price, say no more than 10% above the mainstream. People love that! Then again, people love bargains too.

Also, it just in general doesn’t make sense for some things. I totally agree with “oh, the paint or anno was messed up, but it’s still a good player and it’s not good business to redo it, so we’ll just mark it as B-grade due to the flaw and sell it for less”. That mentality makes perfect sense. That’s good business.