A grade and B grade yoyo?


Hey guys!
So I was watching yoyo review videos and they mentioned A and B grade yoyos. What are the differences and how do I know which grade I bought?


B grades can have things such as small machining marks, tiny amounts of vibe, ano issues and so on. The yoyo works great still. They are labeled differently depending upon the brand (Fools gold, not quite perfect, b-grade, etc). Those names are how you will know.


Thank you


B grades are not terrible but if you can get an A grade than get that.


Something else to consider… Probably half the people that throw on a daily basis; turn an A grade into a B grade as soon as they slam it into something.


The good news is that Most B grade yoyos are still far better than most A grade yoyos were many years ago.

The bad news is that some(not many) A grade yoyo designs play actually worse than some B grade designs.

…and that is one reason they invented the BST, hahahaha

If you are just getting into yoyos and learning tricks daily; it is probably better to just save some money by buying a B grade yoyo.

That way you dont have to constantly distract yourself by living in fear of scratching your yoyo.

I have seen many people over the years, buy an expensive yoyo and then turn into nervous wrecks; constantly in fear of messing up their yoyo.

As the others have already said; B grades are just little things… Nothing to affect performance within the potential of the inherent design capabilities.


Seems like a reasonable place to put this:

This Too Hot started off as an A grade, now it’s probably an M.
Still plays well though.


The two types of vibe are when you can feel the vibe when touching the yoyo with your finger, or when you can feel the vibe all the way through the string. Usually the cause of a pulse like vibe or a small wobble.
Nice video! But a yoyo wobbling from a poor throw isn’t something I would classify as vibe, it’s just a bad throw.


And yes, I agree, but a lot of the community lumps vibe into all one thing, and especially for those new to the “sport” it gets confusing.

Also, vibe in general is way overblown, but that’s just my opinion.


Yeah that makes sense, it’s definitely helpful information for a new yoyoer.

I feel you on the vibe being overblown. I’m shamefully bothered by wobble, but a lot of my favorite yoyos aren’t that smooth.


I love buying B grade and used stuff. I buy tons of new stuff, too, but the B grade and used stuff ends up getting carried more often. IMO its nice to have a collection full of both.

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I believe sOMEThING released SLASHER but on certain batch they got the engraving wrong and say SLAHSER, it was then sold as B grade. There is zero performance issue.

In the end it depends on the company, so check to see what makes it B grade if you’re concerned. Though we can safely assume that at least it will not hinder performance in any meaningful way.


*also one of the top most under-rated yoyo’s in my opinion