what does it mean?

B-grade yoyos are yyf yoyos that have flaws like vibe or anodization, but they are still great

Basically just what Ryan said. They just give chance to people who can’t afford their yoyos to get a chance to buy them.

They can still be great yoys, they’re just not perfect.
Also, CLYW calls them Fools Gold

one drop calls them razzles

Do they really have vibe (vibration)? I was considering getting one if the opportunity arose, but I was under the impression that they were B-grade because of a messed up paint job. If there’s a chance you might get a yo-yo with vibe, then I definitely wouldn’t buy one.

It depends. Some just have ano defects, others have a slight vibe. Just read the description and you’ll probably find out.

A batch of yoyos came out of the YYF place and they weren’t top notch. Since YYF is awesome and hand-tests each yoyo, they noticed that that group had some vibration in some, some anodization defects in others, and some had both. They boxed up and shipped the “normal ones” and set the others aside.

They decided to take them to a contest and sell them as “B-Grades,” yoyos that have small defects but are still “playable” and have a lower price.

However, let’s put all of this into perspective. YoyoFactory is an incredible company, and their standards are extremely high! A yoyo that they deem as unacceptable would be considered excellent by another company. Therefore, if you own or are purchasing a B-Grade, you don’t have “junk.” It simply didn’t make the grade. Its still a very good yoyo.

Returning to our story:

The B-Grades were wildly popular! Since they still played so well, it was a great chance for someone who doesn’t want to drop alot of cash. They originally sold for $65, when “normal” ones were being sold for much more, $110 or so. So that’s a really great thing!

OneDrop has something similar, called “Razzle,” (coined by DrYoYo) that has anno defects. CLYW calls their B-Grades “Fool’s Gold”

One last note: A YYF B-Grade will have a little stamp on it, as shown in this photo:

Not my photo.

The stamp is to protect people like us. If the yoyo did not have a stamp, somebody could sell you a B-Grade with you thinking it was A-Grade. You would be cheated by paying full price for an item that is much more inexpensive. So, although the stamp is unattractive, its important to have.

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I think after I use my yos a week they get demoted to B-grade…or they should.

I broke the cap on my FHZ…smashed my DM into the floor and ceiling about 10 times…