B grade yoyo

what’s a b grade yoyo???

A b grade yoyo is a yoyo sold at a lower price because of a minor aesthetic flaw or minor vibe

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It’s a yoyo that’s made by YoyoFactory that is perfectly fine except that the ano job wasn’t quite up to par.

They may also have vibe, as stated in the post above you.

Actually it can be from any company, and contain most any flaw. Flawed anno is just one example. They’re just a yoyo that doesn’t meet the company’s specs for general sale at the normal price. It’s a win-win situation. They get to sell off some of their rejects, and you get a cheaper yoyo that may only have a cosmetic flaw or not be as smooth as the maker thinks it should be. From what I’ve seen they won’t sell the real dogs.

they sell b-grade ministars at another store. i really want to find out the flaw with them. does anyone have one?