B-Grade Yoyos


What’s the reason for companies having b-grades? Some do and some don’t. Shouldn’t all companies have b-grades?


Some companies scrap them or give them to team members


Sometimes in the machining process of throws, things get a little bit off, which can cause vibration. Other times there’s an anodization flaw. It’s up to the company to decide how much vibration and anodization errors they will allow. For example, about a year ago I bought a new C3 Capless that was a pink/purple acid wash. I noticed later that it had a few spots that we’re blue instead of purple or pink, but it still passed quality control as an A-grade.


IMO, everyone should be like CLYW and sell their b-grades.

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All companies have b-grades(unless their machine shop is perfect). What they do with their b-grades depends on the company.

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You can have companies that just get that lucky haha! I have only had one B-grade yoyo and it’s in the hands of a friend. I probably wouldn’t sell a B-grade unless it was to a close friend. To me i’d rather not put out an inferior product. Each company is different though.


General Yo’s b grades are better than most yoyos.


My b grade Model 10 and Prestige are two of my smoothest yoyos.


B grade is just a term meaning cheap but still playable yoyos


Not Quite Perfect (NQP), Fools gold (FG), B-Grade, star grade, comp grade, A-, glitch and etcetera.