Just here to introduce B-Grade Yo-yos

Hey, my name is Joe, and I haven’t been active here before, but wanted to introduce myself as I begin to make some yoyos.
I am starting a little company, have some prototypes out for feedback, and intend to bring them into production soon.


Here is the profile


The yoyo looks sweet, but I’m not sure about the name. I understand it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek. I just hope everyone gets that.


Hopefully so. I am glad you understood it.


I love the way it looks like rings around the spike! Is that just where the angle changes?


Yes it is the angles, instead of making it a smooth curve I left some angular changes for visual appeal.

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Very nice!

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I have the privalage of trying one of the protos! It plays really well! Im surprised at how well it maintains spin and the agility it has while still being somewhat layed back.


Yep, I agree with that assessment so far.

It looks like a beefier honey badger, how do i get my hands on one :smiling_imp:

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It is coming soon, still figuring out which colors to release and waiting a few more days as these guys test run the proto. Follow my Facebook and Instagram if you want a lot of updates.

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ok! will do

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Welcome to YYE, the throw and color looks totally awesome! I too understand the tongue in cheek nature of the name, but it might lead to some confusion in the future when your throws are out in the wild. When the community refers to b-grade yoyos, we’ll have to differentiate between actual factory seconds in general vs a company. It’s kinda like if someone named their company Organic YoYos or 7075 YoYos. It’s just not… optimal… tbh. May I suggest Bangin Throws/Return Tops/YoYos? Still has the “B”… and conveys how great your throws are. :man_shrugging: Looking forward to trying them!


If dead set in the name.

Production throws can be B+

B grades can be B-

For example: Let’s say you name this thing the Kitty Smasher.

Hey man, that’s a nice Kitty Smasher you got, how much?

Well, it’s a B-, so I’ll do $45 on it.


This thang is a grade B+ Kitty Smasher, I won’t take a penny less than $75.


People trying to figure out that their B Grade B+ is an A Grade and their B Grade B- is a b grade



Imagine if this project is wildly successful and anyone will have the ability to use the brand name :man_shrugging:


I love the name B-Grade Yo-yos :rofl:


May I suggest… Be Great Yoyos. #bGradeBeGreat


The thing is, B-Grade yoyos will only ever make B-Grade yoyos.

An A-Grade from B-Grade yoyos will still be, and play like, a B-Grade yoyo.

When they’re all B-Grades they’ll sell for the B-Grade price even if that price looks like an A-Grade price. It isn’t though, it’s a B-Grade yoyo with a B-Grade price.

I get it. I like it. Everyone should be talking about this!

All other yoyos companies should immediately and forever remove all reference to ‘B-Grade’ and make room for the fledgling company. Several companies have already signed on. We have NQP, Fool’s Gold, and Spoils, just to name a few. Lookin’ at you @yyfben2


Woof, do I detect animosity? Having fun with the name boss, nobody needs to make room for me.