YoYo Company Name

So some of you guys know that I am in college and I have to make up a yoyo company, so I have tossed some idea names in my head. I am thinking either Bad ■■■ YoYo’s or Renegade YoYo’s, which one do you think would be a good name.


Bad block block block YoYos? :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like Renegade YoYos! Nice ring to it!!

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Well I don’t think I’d make it one that the profanity filter catches… and Renegade is the name of a yo-yo… so…


I think you shouldn’t ask others what to name your company.

Branding something like this is super important, and I believe it should come from the heart.

If I’m being completely honest, both of those names sound super cliche and lazy to me.

I think you should give it some more time to find something that’s more unique and authentic to what you want your company to be about.

Just my 2c.


Agreed with Johnny. They sound a bit generic. I’d give it a bit more time to cook until you find some inspiration and come up with a really memorable name that stands out.

A good example is “Mazal Top YoYos.” Dude changed it from YoYoWreckShop and it makes me giggle every time. Definitely stays with me.


Hardcore or rebellious sounding names are lame, I think.


You have to make up a yoyo company as a project for college? If so, I would avoid using profanity in the name of it.


Honestly not sure how to feel about this. His first post:

What team? What class is this for? What are the full details of the project? I’m sure your professor didn’t just say “alright class you need to bring back the popularity of the yo-yo.” Was everyone in the class given the assignment of trying to market an old fad and revive it? How does your questionnaire help you with this? How will you use the this data to accomplish your task (which still needs clarification)?

And this post is different than your initial post. Now you say you need to come up with a yo-yo company, which is not what your initial post said. Surely you would be required to analyze what the current trends in yo-yo company names are and come up with a name based on those trends rather than just ask random yoyoers?

Can you clarify specifically what your assignment is and how the data you’re collecting helps with that? And what class is this assignment for?

Just kind of skeptical based on the information you’ve presented us with.


This guy is great!!! You should hit him up for some cheap, but outstanding hybrid ceramic bearings!!!


Did you mean to say you chose to make up a yoyo company? I can see a professor asking you to create a general business plan of some sort, but can’t imagine any college level course focusing on creating a business in such a niche hobby that’s already overwhelmed with small companies…


Those poor bigger companies having to contend with all of those little ones.


Stop crowding me out, Glen!! :crazy_face:


No Garret, I did not chose the yoyo, my team was assigned the yoyo. I agree with you about creating a business I do not know why, hell she made one group do garden gloves.

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bad *** yoyo’s i think it would be really funny and a good name

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Garden Glove Throws, there’s your brand name.


LOL…That would be great for the garden gloves team.

Weird assignment lol. Well rule #1 in my opinion would be no swears in the name, especially if you’re creating a company with children as one of the primary customer groups. Yo-yos are toys; they’re fun, they inspire creativity, focus, hand eye coordination… It takes discipline and determination to learn a new trick/combo. Think along those lines for a name rather than something like bad ■■■. just my 2 cents.


How about ‘A-R-T’ yo-yos?

It’s original and I don’t think anyone would care?


I almost laughed Dr. Pepper out my nose and into my phone because of this response. Well done!

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