Rename a company thread.

For example:

One Drop - Thousand Drop.


I’m funny right?

“Ihateyoyo” Instead of Iloveyoyo.

“Dun Can’t” instead of Duncan. (seewhatididthar? :wink: )


Yoyofactory-Mass producing/rehashing yoyo shapes to outsell and out option every other yoyo company factory.

Jk though, no hate on YYF

General yo = Private yo


Yomega - Yomama

I remember when I first started yoyoing…And you told me you were at MER because you were sponsored by yoyofactory and they sent you there to sell yoyos…tisk tisk tisk… :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile:

OneDrop = WeHaveOurOwnForumAndRagingFanboys

ILYY = ThatCompanyThatDoesThecandyBlast

YYF = OurTeamBringsAllTheBoysToTheYardAndWe’reLikeIt’sBetterThanYours




Vs. Newton- Against Galileo

one drop- no drop

Versus Newton = with Issac

yoyofactory = yoyo mass produce

yoyojam = peanut butter yoyo

Death by yoyo = live for yoyo

Caribou lodge = animal pelt hut

hspin = Q swirl

Jazz-yo = Yo Metal

string theory = thread hypothesis

Turning point = straight area

Saturn Precision = Mercury approximation

Crucial = Important

Dream yo = yo reality

One drop = Many Drips

Please, Please, Please don’t hate on companies.

It’s all for fun. No hate here. Much love for the companies.

Just trying to keep the thread from getting locked. Cool thread, but it’s not cool when people say rude things.

No, not really. They’re all aware of that. This is just for fun. That what you need to understand.

I do understand. But calling companies bad names are not fun. That is considered bullying in my opinion. IT IS fun when they are nice names. But I don’t think saying things like “___ copydesignsfromothercompaniesfortheirprofit” and other rude names are appropriate. I know I am no mod, but I don’t think rude things are necessary.


Dif-E-Yo - Dif-E-Sup

Turning Point - Turning Exclamation Point

yoyorecreation - yoyoreborn

I know I’m not funny, but do laugh, so you make me happy.

YoYoJam- JoJoYam
YoYoFactory- TheBossLikesToHaveStarsonhisteamandtheyareflylikeaG5
Duncan- DudesCan
Caribou Lodge- Quality Deer’s Outhouse
SPYY- WeFlyLikeSaturn
Crucial- WeEnjoyOurFood or YouWillNeverPutDownOurYoYos

Vs. Newton - Mean Green Heath Machines (I dunno :stuck_out_tongue: Got bored)
YYF - FoFoYactory (Why didn’t somebody do this?)
YYJ - Plastic Freaks (Gotta love YYJ plastics and Bi Metals)
CLYW - WYLC (Why Yodel Large Cries). Their first throw was the peak. Think about it.
Crucial - Necessity
Yomega - Mymega