New release from YoYoFactory - The USA Made KAPITAL!

From YoYoFactory: KAPITAL is our 2nd Made in USA release of 2021. We took the heart, soul and profile from one of our oldest yo-yos, the 2006 released 401k and breathed some fresh air into it with this modern recreation.

When returning to our original production designs we always had a fondness for one of our first shapes. Its debut as the 401k in 2006 and subsequent release as the California and VK models saw many versions of a shape we considered iconic.In 2006 Paul Han took 2nd place at the World Yoyo Contest with a 401k.

In recent years we saw brands playing with similar designs but we sat comfortably knowing we could tap our heritage at any time. The push came when local pest controller turned yo-yo fan Keith Conklin started bugging us to recreate his favorite shape. We knew a re-release wasn’t going to cut it. We wanted to use the shape as a pure element but modernize the specs. We employed a significant inner bump, something we hadn’t done as dramatically since the Space Cowboy in 2014. The push in width created room for the axle, a nice flat face and allowed the original weight distribution to shine again…. much wider.

Friday 3/19 @ 10AM EDT.


Two questions; what are " Artisan anodize marks" and how is the finish?

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Looks like a watermark. A-RT had a run of Triptychs that had these marks and they sold them as b-grades.


This is caused by air bubbles during the anodization process.
The deeper the IRG, the more likely it is to have bubbles underneath.
However, there are ways around it.


It’s hardly noticeable and I love my Kapitals, red and blue. I just ordered a blue pink YYE version as well. :slight_smile:


Artisan :smirk:


It happened.
We have sold them as Bgrades in the past but rather than increase the batch price we preferred to just make people aware and give them the choice.

Yes we know what was done wrong in the process.


Still looks like a sweet throw and I’ll be picking one up in the coming week.


This is such an insanely good deal to begin with.


Design looks cool and is a great deal


You chose to make people aware by making it sound like an error was actually something intentional?

That just sounds dishonest and intentionally misleading.

If you wanted to make people aware, you would call an anodization flaw exactly what it is.


I think we were 100% transparent. We highlighted it in photos, made retailers aware, offered them the chance to decide if they wanted to offer it to their customers.

If you can’t handle it you will be aware before purchase.

We offer plenty of other releases to suit your needs at lower price made in China. I suggest you jump on them.


“Flaw” is such an… ugly word.

You’ve got to think like a salesman. For example, no one wants to buy a “dinged” yoyo. But, what if I called them “asymmetrical surface restructurings” instead of dings? Now you might be more interested! And instead of “vibe” we can call it, “therapeutic hand massaging action”!

Et violà… marketing!


Did you read the first post on this thread? If not, here it is:

If you’re being 100% transparent, people shouldn’t be confused and have to conduct an investigation into how to interpret your words. I would not have even looked at the picture and thought twice that there was an ano flaw if someone hadn’t asked the question.

Your associate, Keith Conklin, said on the FB forum that he was trying to make a joke by referencing Fight Club (which most people won’t understand, including myself). Sometimes a joke doesn’t land the way you thought. Maybe learn from it and do better next time.


The Kapital was the first YYF purchase I had considered in a long time. I have avoided YYF for years because you seem to show a pattern of being rude and dismissive to the community and your customers. The above quote is a perfect example.

My avoidance of your products will have no impact on you whatsoever and I recognize that. But hopefully somebody will benefit from someone saying something.


I like yoyo’s and YoYoFactory! I reached out to the big name manufacturer’s to help me work on a project for a non-profit and YoYoFactory was the only company that stepped up. I worked directly with @YOHANS and it was an absolute pleasure. This is a great company that has really done a lot for yoyoing. Pioneers.


Fr this is bs. I knew I felt like the wool was pulled over my eyes when I got an exia and it had marks on the rainbow ring, to which mark replied “oh it’s a thing that happens in the processing with all rainbow rings”. Didn’t make me feel any less of an ahole for buying a throw with a such a visible defect, when my decision might have been swayed had they informed the buyer of such flaws; something you’re clearly trying to avoid for the sake of a greater A-grade yield

Just be more upfront with it and offer a disclaimer instead of trying to sweep it under the rug with some fancy marketing terminology. Not everyone reads your FB page and knows what the hell an “artisan mark” is, and there will be people who made the mistake of buying the blue that will be disappointed


I’d say the price is nice! I can see where calling them “Artisan Anodize Marks” might rub some the wrong way.

Seems everyone got distracted by the first question. How is the finish?


The finish is really nice. It’s the same as all our earlier made in USA product and American before this. Soft to touch, not aggressive like a blast. Enjoyable.


I’m glad you can admit you came into this with negative preconceived ideas.

The condition of the yo-yo was described to the retailer, who had the option of what to purchase.

The images provided clearly show the yo-yo.

The disclaimer on the product was evidently enough to get someone to ask the question here, which is why we are having this conversation.

It’s still a great yo-yo at a great price & if you buy one, you can continue to be angry. Sometimes that’s what ppl want from yo-yo I guess.