Has anyone noticed with general yo's...?

True point on the B-grades. But when I drop over $125 on a A-grade Gen-Yo, (Or any company’s yoyo, for that matter. But Gen-Yo has a big reputation for smooth throws), I expect it to be smooth, you know?

So now, with my model 10, ever since i unscrewed it it went from being unquestionably dead smooth to very close but not quite there. Thoughts?

Learn to love it, or you’ll spend your life tuning it. I’m sure you’d rather play than tune.

I bought a used Punchline with zero chance of tuning the vibe out of it, and at first I was “wow, even more vibe than I expected.” But it didn’t interfere with play at all (not even on grinds), so now I just think of it as a reassuring hum of power. :wink: Seriously, dead smooth yoyos feel so weird now and I find I miss that bit of vibe when it’s not around.

I had a Majesty that was dead smooth when I got it, but after I unscrewed it, it had a little vibe.

Best thing to do to minimize vibe is to try either one of or a combination of:

  1. Swap the axle
  2. Clean and swap the bearing
  3. Try teflon tape (I’ve had limited success with this.)


Never had that problem with any of my General Yos.

Just what’s weird is that I got it in a trade and it arrived unscrewed, so it had already been unscrewed in the first place. I don’t know what I would have done.

Not quite sure how you guys are making your G-Yo’s vibe after unscrewing them…?

Maybe someone can explain how they’re G-Yo vibed after putting it together? Cuz “O I think I unscrewed it not it vibes n stuff” doesn’t really explain much to me.

I’m guessing your bearing ran out of all it’s juicy lube and now it doesn’t spin as smooth. I’ve been under the impression General-Yo adds a large drop of lube to the AIGR’s to give it that silky smooth play straight ouf of the box. Try it. As in, yes, add more than a a pinhead’s worth of lube and see what happens ;]

Also… General-Yo does not have floating axles. The axle will go into the same position every single time. There is like 0.005" of wiggle room or something insane like that. The axle is always in the same position. So unless you violently unscrewed it, gnaw’ing the threads up, then unscrewing it should have literally zero affect on if it vibes.

What do you think he does? Screw them together and put a magical spell on the yoyo so it doesn’t vibe? Then that spell is broken once it’s unscrewed? No.

Mostly all yoyo’s have a miniscule amount of vibe… it’s pretty much impossible to be 100% dead smooth. But here’s lots of variables. Make sure your response is fresh and flush. Make sure your bearing is clean and lubed. Make sure nothing is stripped. Also that big drop of lube will do wonders ;]

Not quite sure where you guys are getting this stuff. I maintain 7 G-Yo’s and the only one that isn’t like Glass is my Lost Essence. That’s because it’s B-Grade quality.

Seriously guys, try adding more lube than normal and see what happens.

So you’ve never seen the warning General-Yo includes with all of their yoyos to not unscrew and rescrew too often as you might strip it? Not being screwed in properly can cause vibe. I’ve never personally had a problem with General-Yo yoyos though.

I’ve been told directly by Mr. Kaiser to not unscrew it unless for maintenance.

I’ll just quote myself

And yeah… eventually it will wear down the threads.

But by the looks of this thread, people are acting like doing it once ruins the yoyo… lol…

edit: And just to clarify, I mean this about nearly all yoyo’s. Sure some eat threads like Rec Revs, but even my MYY’s can handle an unscrewing and still screw together for smooth play.

Im thinking it might be placebo effect, or bearing degrading.

Change response+change Bearing=Voila smooth throw

FUN TIMES!!! I remember that time with the avalanche… remember that burning smell? Well, anyway, I have noticed something very similar with many yoyos. I have found that tuning them is the most reliable way to fix it. Remember my really vibey super g? Yeah, I spent like 3 minutes just messing with the tightness, and though it is not dead smooth by any definition, it is a lot smoother now. Just mess with the tightness a little, that might help. Not loose enough that it will unscrew, or tight enough that it will strip, but somewhere in between. Also, maybe mess with the placement of the axle a little? Hope this helped and sorry for writing a book.