3yo3 Bass Line Vibe


I was just wonder if it is normal that my 3yo3 Bass Line has tons of vibe.

Because it says in a lot of reviews that it is dead smooth.

And if it isn’t normal, what can I do about it? Send it back?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Did you ding the yoyo? when did this happen?

I think the better question is did you buy this yoyo new? was it like this right out of the box? If so send it back.
I have played several bass lines they were dead smooth.

Yes I did ding the yoyo several times and no it wasn’t like this right out of the box. But is was vibi-ish before I dinged it.

And yes I bought this yoyo new at Latiendadelyoyo.com.

There aren’t any indentations on the yoyo. There are only some anodize scratches.

Could it be because I dinged the yoyo, and if so, how do I fix it?

if you dinged it you can no longer send it back

But a few dings wont cause that much vibe. I dinged my Raptor over 50 times and it still keeps the same conditon of vibe and play. But un-noticable vibe may occur.

But another thing, dings may cause internal damage, like a crooked axle. Check for a messed up axle thread but screwing one of the yoyo half in. If it screws in but isn’t even, the axle is messed.

One of my friends Auldey Grey Wolf has an extreme amount of vibe because of a crooked bearing seat.

How do I check for an messed up axle. I mean how do I unscrew the whole axle to check for cracks or something?

And what is a bearing seat? Is it the same as an axle?

Thanks for all the help, really appreciate it :smiley:

A bearing seat is where the bearing sits on. You see that groove where you bearing goes?

And the hole where you screw the axle in is what I;m talking about. When you screw one half of the yoyo in, does it screw in crooked? Or does it screw in parallel to the floor?

The yoyo just screws in fine. In the beginning it screws in a bit awry, but after that it screws in just fine.

And how do I check for a crooked bearing seat

Also when I shake the yoyo it make some weird kind of noise, If something is broken.

Anything else that it could be?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

If your yoyo screws in fine, well you don’t have a crooked bearing seat.

What else could it be then, my bassline still has a huge amount of vibe. I was thinking, maybe my bearing is crooked, because it makes a weird sound when I shake it?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Most of the things you have stated are drastic happenings. Some yoyo’s can take a simple ding to cause serious vibe. I’ll be you that your little ding or two caused the vibe. Now you have to just deal with it.

That pretty much sucks then. I guess I have to just deal with it then.

Do you know any yoyo’s that can handle dinges pretty wel and that the dinges don’t cause any vibe?

Because I kind of ding my yoyo a few times per month :frowning:

Thanks in advance :smiley:

well, does it screw in easily, or does it not screw in “smoothly”?

axle could be bent as well.