types of vibe and what to do to combat them

so i understand there are many types of vibe and that you can tune some of them, or just replace the axle and fix some, or others have to do with the hubs being bent out of shape and such. recently i received a yomerica spindustries planet 9 in a trade and it is a first run, which apparently were all sold with a small vibe. i’m just wondering what steps i can take to combat that vibe (if i can at all) given i know it isn’t a vibration that seems to be tune-able (it isn’t a throbbing vibe, more like one that would hint towards a bent axle, hubs, etc.). after inspecting it for a while i noticed one of the quirks or the yo-yo is that it has a loose bearing seat. would some bearings give the yo-yo less vibe than others, given some would tighten and loosen the bearing seat area? i have been experimenting around a little but i have not seen much of a difference between the bearings i own.

any advice is appreciated, thank you

I believe that we were talking about an idea similar to this a month or so back (just a side topic, not a full discussion). Having those tighter tolerances around the bearing/ bearing seat would reduce vibe, I think.
Have you tried the basic axel flip, new axel, switching/ flipping bearings, differing the amount you tighten the yoyo, and Teflon taping the axel? Without any different parts than what is provided (and a couple bearings) I can normally tune out most vibe on a yoyo (normally) just using those simple methods listed above.

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Best way to deal with vibe it too ignore, it and play on, it doesn’t effect anything.

thanks, i will mess around and report back to this thread later with results! i have several different bearings and i’ll just see which seems to fit best. not sure what axle the planet nine uses but if all else fails i will grab another and see if that is the icing on the cake.

In order to check if it is the same threading, take the axel out and line it up with the other axel. If the threads line up, they are at least the same pitch. That way you don’t risk damaging the yoyos threads as much.

If a yoyo vibes, its traded/sold immediately for me.

The only yoyo I ever held on to that even minorly vibed was my BSP, which I recently traded for a silky smooth spyy tyy.


The best way to combat the vibe you are experiencing it to think rationally. Ask yourself whether it is affecting the yoyo’s performance at all, if not what really is the big deal about it?

The only exception is vibe caused from the yoyo taking hits. Vibe because of damage is not so good.

It’s fair to say that at least 80% of my yoyos have vibe to varying degrees. I’m actually surprised when I purchase a yoyo that happens to be (or at least seem to be) totally smooth.

It’s a very strange psychological phenomenon that has taken the yoyo community by storm.

Liberate yourselves people; don’t let it get to you so much and just enjoy throwing.

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I have a popstar that really vexed me. I put it together once and it vibes, flipped the bearing and axle, and it was smooth, but I have taken it apart multiple times and each time it has been unpredictable as to if it will vibe or not. It is dead smooth now, but it was visibly vibing even when I touched it to prevent throw vibe.

The point is, yoyo are rarely consistent in being smooth or not, they are typically smooth from the factory if they are able to be smooth.

You basically have 4 ways it could

Axle bent/not centering

Bearing seat not fitting correctly (angles the bearing a little, or not secured well),

Or an actual imbalance between the two halves due to damage, poor quality, etc.

The most common Ive seen is the axle threading isn’t to a high enough tolerance so there is “wiggle room” which causes vibrating.

You may also have issues with the actual bearing. The inner or outer races could be bent, a ball damaged, etc.