near mint yoyo randomly started to vibe. HELP!!

OK, so about a little over a month ago i bought myself a B grade Sengoku Musashi. The only difference between the B grade and the A grade was an ano flaw in the center of the yo-yo. Right out of the box this thing played phenomenally!! After a month of use it was still playing dead smooth. And then yesterday i got a knot right on the bearing so I unscrewed it to take the knot out. When I reassembled it, the yo-yo suddenly had a pulsating vibe. I unscrewed it again and everything looked perfectly normal. I’ve tried swapping the bearings out and making sure its screwed on tight but it still continues to vibe. I don’t think it is stripped i have only taken the yo-yo apart a little over a dozen times total. It has one small flat spot from hitting hardwood floor that happened the day I got the yo-yo and hasn’t ever caused any problems. I have had several high end yoyos but this is my first bi metal yo yo. Any suggestions on what to do?? Thanks!!!

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I’ve had it happen before you can kinda tweak it a bit be reversing which side the bearing and axle lays on. I’ve cleared up random vibe out of a couple of yoyos by doing that.

Lay the yoyo on it’s side on a hard flat surface. Take your thumbs and push VERY FIRMLY on the steel ring. Work your thumbs all the way around the ring. Flip it over and do the same to the other side ring. During this procedure you may actually feel one of the rings click into place. I’ve seen this happen on several bi-metals (with or without taking a hit)

Good luck :slight_smile:


I thought you where supposed to take it apart first?

You can, but if you do you will have to take the axle out as well.

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Take a look at the bearing seat. If the bearing seat is the color of raw aluminum, that may be your problem. Have you swapped the bearing from the stock one? That sometimes causes galling, depending what bearing you use.

on the side where the axle was the bearing seat is the color of raw aluminum, and has been for awhile. On the side wear i took the bearing off it looks completely clean and doesn’t look raw. The bearing seat was very tight when i got the yo-yo. i didn’t ever remove the bearing until it began vibeing. The axle is pretty short and it took quite a bit of effort to screw the yo-yo back together. I have tried flipping the axle around and have checked the metal weight rings. The metal rings are on the inside hub of the yo yo and are flush with the aluminium on both the inside and the outside. Is there any way to tune it to try to fix it??

Did it start vibing after you screwed it together? If so, the bearing seat may be the problem. Additionally, if you are experiencing resistance when screwing axle in stripping may be your problem, although it is more likely that your seat is just tight.

Is it a green triangle if I’m using orange string?

yes there is definitely resistance when screwing the yo-yo back together. i have used a yyf multi tool and screwed the axle in and out on both sides and it doesn’t seem stripped at all. I’m beginning to think it is somehow the bearing seat. Any more advice??

A kid banged my superstar on the floor. I tried it and it had vibe. I used my fingers to sort of pinch the rings as hard as I could, for both sides, and after that, it played like it had before.

Interestingly, that same yoyo had vibe when I got it, but once I pried the bearing out, cleaned the recess and seat with a tissue(some sort of gunky dust was stuck there), and put in a different bearing, it played like it was just out of the box.

Yoyos are tricky like that…

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I’m definitely not the largest expert on this topic, but this has happened to me before. Lucky it was on a cheaper yoyo! Since that yoyo costs more than $50, maybe ask one of the modders on the board what they can do about it? That may not be the problem but it has been for me before.

Why not put a bit of lube on the axle to see if it threads together more easily?
I’ve done that, it helped.

Thank you so much! Knocked my fairly new bi-metal on the deck and introduced vibe. No a whole lot but it was noticeable as this this is silky smooth, normally zero vibe.

I was very nervous for about 20 minutes. I found your post and it saved me!

I just hope these rings don’t start to get loose over time. I did rack it pretty good. :slight_smile:


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