Vibe in Magic YoYo Bi (bearing seat/post damage?)

Hi, I have only been playing for about 2-3 months…so I was hoping some of you with more experience can help out.
I recently (couple weeks maybe) got a Magic YoYo Bi (a cheaper Bi-Metal, which maybe explains these issues) and the axle post was VERY tight when I went to open it up to swap out the bearing for a better one that I had purchased.
It created that awful squeaking sound that sounds like nails on a chalk board until it opened up a bit more (this also removed the anno on the post)

Anyway, this YoYo has developed quite bad vibe, really bad on the throw, but tends to even out eventually but can still be felt as it bounces off your fingernail when you test it.

I don’t think the axle is bent, but I have ordered a new one just in case, it isn’t here yet, but I know the posts are damaged a bit.

Is there anything I can do to maybe fix the vibe possibly being caused by these damaged axle posts? Cleaning the old material off maybe, or smoothing out the damage caused by the bearing rubbing on them?

I really do love the throw, it has a lot of power and spins forever on the string, but the vibe tends to make me want to pick up my one-drop or shutter instead.

Any help would be great, thanks.

Have you dinged it? Just removing the bearing itself shouldn’t make it vibe so bad. Is the bearing loose?

No hasn’t been dinged that I’m aware of (that I can recall I should say) the only damage to the YoYo is the damage to the axle post from it being an absurdly tight fit from the factory.

You might not have tightened the yoyo all the way since it’s such a tight fit. My recommendation would be to unscrew the yoyo, put some thin lube on a q-tip, and apply it to the bearing seat post. Should help the bearing fit more smoothly.

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If the vibe evens out as you play, that might be your throw more than the yoyo. That said, tight bearing posts sometimes causes vibe, I’ve found. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything to help with that. It happens on cheaper throws or depending on the brand; it’s frustratingly common on YoYoFactory throws.

I’d reach out to the vendor you purchased it from if you aren’t satisfied with it. Maybe they’ll let you exchange it.

Is it right now loose…or still tight?

Well, speaking of YoyoFactory, I actually just ordered a bi-metal shutter, and it’s butter smooth…but with it I ordered a Sochi titanium axle to replace the one in my magic YoYo Bi, and it seems to have removed MOST of the vibe to the point that its not noticeable.
My throw definitely can induce some vibe, and that vibe tends to get exaggerated on the magic yoyo opposed to the new shutter, but it’s way better with the new axle, so I’m guessing the axle was bent.
Maybe I did smash it against the carpet or something some weeks or months ago…or maybe the axle came bent…who knows.

I also cleaned the axle posts and removed the black ‘damaged’ material build up, and put some thin lube inside of the bearing as suggested here.

All these solutions combined seemed to have mostly removed the vibe, the very small remaining vibe I’ll toss up to the axle post damaged from a super tight bearing seat fit, or the fact that’s it’s a ‘budget’ bi-metal…but I really do like my bi-metals so I’ll deal with it.
It’s definitely much more playable now than it was before, so I’m happy.

Thanks for the help everyone!

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