Vibrating yoyo, bearing issue?

as some of you may know I am a beginner yoyo player, as such I have banged my yoyo a few times.
Right now I am noticing that the yoyo is vibrating much more and making weird gritting noise.
I was wondering if it could be the bearing which is the problem.
In this case do you think it could be that it needs lubing or would it be damaged due to having dinged the yoyo a few too many times.
And is there a way for me to know which of the two it is.

Well I heard that if there is a lot of vibe you should flip either the bearing or the axel

Vibe can be caused by alot of things. Some vibe can be removed by “tuning” which is what Darknight was talking about.
Vibe caused by damage usually is permanent. I highly doubt your bearing is damaged, but it likely does need to be cleaned. Lube very lightly if you want, but its not needed once its been cleaned right.

If your axle got bent the vibe can be extreme, but I think your bearing once cleaned will do good and might even remove some of the vibe. I would say though that most likely the vibe is there to stay. Dont worry about it. Vibe almost never affects play, and plastics are know to have crazy vibes.

Thanks for the answer. It is actually a metal Yoyo, a magic Yoyo N8. I’mc leaning the bearing as I type.

Also make sure that the yoyo is screwed together tightly as well. just make sure to tighten it withOUT the string wrapped up in the gap. :slight_smile:
Also make sure your axle is screwed in tightly as well and not “floating” around inbetween to two sides.

Did your yo-yo have an overly tight bearing seat? If so, the vibe could be caused by galling of the bearing post. Several brands have had this issue over the years.

It did have a pretty right bearing seat. After cleaning and lubricating it the vibrations have mostly gone.

YAAAY! Im happy to hear that. :slight_smile:

So am I. Plus I obviously meant “tight” bearing not “right”