Vibe, how to fix and Prevent?


All my throws officially have vibe :frowning: I do not know how to fix this, I have no money to buy a new yoyo,axle,or bearings :frowning:

But my big question is how can I prevent vibe? My precious Trinity got vibe a couple days back and I’ve tried every thing (cleaning the bearing, trying different axles [which none of work] etc.) I love this yoyo and it would hurt me to replace it (it has sentimental value to me) but if I can’t fix it what other option do I have.

I really want as many people to respond as possible to prevent players from having no good throws, being broke and as frustrated as I am.


Seriously, how is your throw in general?

Everything I throw has vibe. When other people throw them, they don’t have vibe. It’s me.

Maybe for you, it’s you.

Try the test where you sorta grind it on a finger to try to smooth it out. If it’s smooth after that, it’s all you.

Don’t feel bad. If the above addresses your issue, I have the same problem!


My throws are smooth, I mean when the axle gets damaged I tried the grinds it still has vibration


And to top it all off if I don’t get new throws soon I will have to forfeit a talent show that I signed up for


But all the yoyos are doing this? That kinda negates your claim that your throw is fine. However, you’ve indicated recently some issues with your Trinity, so we know there is for sure that one actually does have a issue.

You can often tune some axles my screwing the axle all the way into one half or the other, but make sure the side that the tool can fit in is “out”. Duncans and other using hex bolts have a different tuning process.

Too bad you’re not near me. I’m sure I have more than ample stuff to get you through this crisis.

(SR) #6

Is the vibe honestly that bad to where you have to give up being in a talent show? And did you do the fingernail test?


A little bit of vibe never hurt anyone.



By throws I meant my sleeper, and breakaway not my yoyos all my yoyos have vibe


What’s the finger nail test?

Yes the vibe is pretty bad, most of my tricks are based on grinds, and vibe tends to slow the yoyo down and as you may have read me being broke means I can’t buy new bearings to make it spin faster so the sleep time won’t run out.

but you guys still haven answered my question how can I prevent vibe?


Fingernail test is when you put your fingernail up the the rim of the yoyo while it’s spinning. It will smooth out the yoyo as much as possible. If it’s still vibing after the fingernail test, then it has vibe. if not, then your throw is just messed up and there’s nothing to worry about.


don’t unscrew the yoyo :smiley:


I’d like to examine this collection of vibe-plagued throws and see what the issue is.

Here’s some guides:

How to tune a yoyo with a set screw axlel


Tuning a YoYo with a hex bolt Axle

Both could be found via this sticky’d thread:

List of useful modification and maintenance guides