Genesis vibe...


Ok so my genesis is really vibey lately. Ive tried tuning it, with really no success. The axle is fine, and the bearing is smooth (ive tried it in other throws too). but on any throw, perfect or not, it vibes. Please Help…!!!


Your axles bent.

It is.

It so is.


He said he check it. Take the axle all the way out and roll it on a flat surface. If it wobbles it is bent.

Have you tried throwing it and pulling it up near your face and hold the string and do a finger grind for a second, the vibe will go away. If it doesn’t than something wierd is wrong, if it goes away you need to practice your throw. Even with dead smooth yoyos, if I throw it a little cooked it will vibe.

Have you stepped on it, fallen on it, or put pressure of some sort on it?


It’s NOT the axle I’ve checked it multiple times. It’s not my throw. I’ve been throwing for a while and my throw is fine. My cousin dinged it on a rock, and it’s hit the floor a couple of times but nothing unusual.

It vibes no matter what I do. I try doing the ‘fingernail test’ and it still vibes…


Lots of times dings cause vibe. It messes up the perfect balance or something


guess ill just have to live with it…

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Yoyofactory’s have this thing where the more you take them apart the more likely they are to get vibe due to the bearing seat wearing down. If you have taken apart the yoyo quite a bit that could be the source of your vibe.


Thats probably it then…i can live with the vibe…


You can’t say it’s not your throw, I’m sorry, but you can’t…

I have been throwing a while and my throw can be good but never perfect…


it could be your throw but if you do a fingernail test its fail proof bad throw or not.


Ok what I mean by that is that I NEVER get ANY vibe on my summit even on a bad throw. I mean NONE. Then I go and throw my genesis and…boom—vibe…