sudden vibe


Guys, i need help. My yoyofactory genesis recently started all of a sudden having extreme vibe. I tried changing the bearing but that didn’t work. I also checked to see if it was stripped, it was not. I need help figuring out what the problem is.

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chk dat throw maaan

also u gotta do tha fingernail teeesstt


whats that?


He means do the fingernail test.

Throw a good sleeper, then raise the yoyo to a comfortable position (or not). Place your fingernail ever so gently against the yoyo until you can feel the vibe. If the vibe dies out that’s a good sign that it’s your throw that’s causing the problem.

on another note…
Have you recently hit anything with the yoyo, like bounced it off the floor or any other hard object? Try taking the axle out and check to see if it’s bent. The easiest way to do this is to lay it on a flat surface and roll it. If it rolls smooth it’s good. If it doesn’t it’s probably bent and needs to be replaced.


You could also try taking the bearing out and screwing the two halves together until they press against each other tightly .

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Have you tried cleaning the bearing, and then testing it again?


thanks i actually think it’s the axle thats bent but i dont have an axle tool so i’ll need to wait a daay to do the test thanks for your help though.


You don’t need a special tool…

Double Nut method to Remove an Axle