Question about vibe


I have cleaned all my bearings and yet they still vibe, it’s no my throws it’s the bearing? Why is this happening.

(SR) #2

It’s the throw. haha

(Owen) #3

Tune the yoyo.

And use the search bar up on your right to find out how to :wink:


I have cleaned my bearings, but when I spin them in the seat of my avalanche. I can feel the vibe from the bearing itself. The three bearings I want to use are center tracks, It seems like they cause vibe.

(Owen) #5

Well I guess you need some lube.


It can be the bearing, the yoyo, or the throw lol. An easy way to find out is the finger nail test, just put your finger nail to the rim of the yoyo, if the yoyo stops vibing, then it’s your throw.


To rephrase, the fingernail test shows that it’s your throw, not your throw. Dig?


your throw as in the noun or your throw as in a verb? What?


Well, it’s your throw. So yeah.


If the vibe doesn’t effect play, why worry about it?



They’re both nouns. :wink: Here’s the proof:

Your throw is the source of the vibe.
Your throw is the source of the vibe.

In both sentences, “Your throw” is the full subject and “is the source of the vibe” is the full predicate. “throw” is the simple subject and “is” is the simple predicate. Subjects are nouns or pronouns. “throw” is not a pronoun, ergo “throw” is a noun.

But grammar lesson aside… if you ask me, between the two sample sentences, your problem is the second one, “Your throw is the source of the vibe.”


Here’s my thoughts:

It’s how you throw.

For me, it’s ALWAYS how I throw. My throw needs improvement. I admit it.

If I have a yoyo that is playing dead smooth on the string for someone else, then I get it and it’s vibey, it’s me. I have more than enough proof to back this up so I can prove that this CAN be a true statement.

Take the bearing and jam it down good on a pencil, small paint brush or wood or bamboo chopstick, and spin it. The bearing seat in CLYW’s isn’t that “death grip” type of bearing seat in a YYF. The bearing might be wobbling or vibrating an extra tiny bit just there sitting on the bearing seat.

All my CLYW’s are smooth. My throw technique is lacking and hence, I am not getting a nice smooth vibe-free play very often. I am more than willing to admit how bad I am as a player and where my faults and weaknesses are. I know my problems won’t be magically resolved through the purchase of a high quality yoyo. I actually find playing certain cost-effective models helps me tremendously. The YYJ XCon Pro really helped me clean up my throw a lot, as well as the King Star Yo Hop King and the C3YoYoDesign Token. Any yoyo that can force you to do something better is just as valuable as a high-end metal. Maybe consider an investment in one or more of these fine products as well. Your game will improve a lot.