my throws are staring to get vibey, could it be my yoyo?

So in the last couple days, I realized my throws are getting pretty vibey(is that a word haha) but on the fingernail test the yoyo is fine… How can I fix this? Is it a problem or am I just overreacting about it?
By the way, the yoyo im using is almost a year old supernova.

Well there are alot of factors that contribute to vibe on a yoyo:

  1. your string could be rubbing against the response pads - center the string on your spinning yoyo and see if it still vibes.

  2. your bearing could be bad - spin the bearing with your finger, does it itself have vibe? -> clean it/get a new one

  3. your yoyo is beat up - self explanatory, uneven distribution of weight
    *Axel may be slightly bent from hitting the ground too much

  4. your yoyo needs to be tuned - I have no idea how to do this but people talk about it all the time

If the vibe is just vibe and not wobble I wouldn’t worry about it (:

Thanks, but I mostly know about that stuff… I have some Buddha bearing. I dont know which one but it’s grooved.

If it is smooth with the finger nail test but vibey after a throw it is your throw.
All those other explanation would still be vibey on the fingernail test.

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It could just be that you’re noticing it more than before. This happens to me a lot; yoyos I previously thought were dead smooth actually had a hint of vibe. This often happens right after I get an new yoyo that is smoother than the yoyos I was using before.

That still wouldn’t explain how it is smooth on the finger nail test but vibey after the throw.

110% your throw. Most players, even pros, can’t get a perfect throw 70% of the time. The yoyo smooths itself out when it comes into contact with something, for example, your finger nail, or the string.

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Yeah that’s what I thought. Thanks, but how can I fix it? Is it one of those things that will fix itself over time?

Unless your throw is so off that the throw looks like it’s wobbling at the end of the string, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


Try modifying your grip/ releasing the yoyo differently

It’s your throw. If you didn’t have this problem before, a change of string length or change of yoyo could have thrown off your throw.

Even the best players get bad throws every so often. Don’t worry about it, it doesn’t really affect play, unless it’s wobbling very hard. As soon as you’re ~5 seconds into a trick the wobble should start going away.

I’ll just say what others have said. If there is no vibe on the fingernail test then it is 100% your throw.

I’ll also echo what Jake Elliott said. I’m far from the best player or even a decent player but I don’t much care if my throw is a little off now and then. It only takes a few seconds into a trick before the yoyo fixes itself anyway.