Bad Vibes

Does anyone know how to fix yoyo vibrations? Recently my Skyline has been wobbling when I throw it down. Does anyone know how to fix this? ???

You sure it’s not just your throw?
Anyway, smoothening it our by running your finger lightly to the yoyo until the wobbling stops.

I found improving my throw took care of a fair amount of vibe. I would suggest the same for everyone.

That being said, there could always be mechanical issues, bu typically, it’s the throw. Not all yoyos are going to be dead smooth though, just a fact of life.

From my experience some throws are more sensitive to others when it comes to how they are thrown. I’ve had my Decapod for a while now and sometimes there is a slight vibe and other days the thing is smooth as glass. I notice the vibe more when I’m really working on a technical aspect of a trick and not paying attention to my form.

As mentioned you can check if it’s you or the yoyo by holding up the spinning yoyo in front of you and lightly touching the gap for a second or two on the underside of the yoyo and seeing if you can calm the vibe. If you can, then it’s your throw, not the yoyo.


I found that thinner strings tend to increase the vibration… if it’s not about your throw, sometimes it’s about gap width vs string thickness.

Some of the replies are confusing beause the word throw is used for yoyo also. I’m would agree with most and say that it is probably the way you throw it. The wobbling is called “vibe”,by the way :slight_smile: