Vibe Problems

So I have been having some vibe problems with my Yoyofactory Tactic. Its very inconsistent, sometimes ill throw a vibeless sleeper, sometime it will vibe a TON. I am thinking its a problem with my throw but I don’t know what I could be doing wrong. All I do is throw it down. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


i think it is your throw. your string might be catching weird and then making it a bad throw. do you always bind the same way or different ways according to the trick tipe. if it is a frontal trick do a regular bind from a front bond. if you do a trapeze type trick that involves a breakaway do a bind in which you swing the yoyo back over and into the string.

it’s your throw. A yoyo will never vibe on one throw and be smooth on another.

Test it out. Throw a sleeper. Then, in order to check if the vibe is because of your throw, touch the tip of your finger to the yoyo until it smoothens out. If it still vibes, it’s the yoyo. If it doesn’t, it’s your throw.

Yeah, if it’s vibeless on a throw sometimes, all you need to is work on your throw and make it better.

How can I work on my throw?

Just play with it. In time your throw will get better on it’s own.

Throw straighter, snap your wrist, and make sure nothing blocks the yoyo.