Advice about vibe when throwing

I’ve been throwing for just over 2 months but I’m making good progress. I can do the trick ladder up to Kwijibo (which is my current trick project) and I’ve learns some additional tricks like Zammy’s “Like a Boss”. I’m throwing a YYF Shutter.

When I throw a front throw I can get a very straight and very smooth, non-vibrating spin. So I know the yoyo is capable of really good spins.

When I throw a breakaway I tend to get a lot of vibration. I’ve been working very hard on making my breakaway consistent and straight. That is: I try to notice if I’ve thrown it at an angle and I correct it.

I notice that if my bind left a lot of slack string then I’ll certainly get a lot of vibe. But even with a tight bind I still get way more vibration then I should which tells me that I’m doing something wrong with my throw.

Does anyone have any idea what I may be doing to cause this vibe or what I should look for to solve this problem?

Thank you.

I think you’re already on the right path-- throwing, spotting problems, and working to correct them. There’s not likely to be just one tip that will automatically fix it. Mindful practice and patience. :slight_smile:

I do find that if I try TOO hard to throw a straight breakaway, I sometimes psych myself out. This happens mainly when I’m trying to teach people. So I’m over-emphasizing how to get a straight throw and then ironically it turns out less consistent.

Don’t be afraid to sometimes just huck it and see what happens.

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Its really just practice just keep throwing breakaways and eventually you’ll get one and then you’ll go “No way! its straight” and than you can keep expanding on that thats really all there is to it I don’t know what else I can tell you. May be theres someone else that can come along and give some more tips. Because I don’t remember what I did when I was having similar problems in my early years. But always remember to practice and have fun.

Also know that when you land the yoyo on the trapeze you can use the string to adjust the tilt and such that will also help with keeping the yoyo straight during tricks

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After a lot of practice your throws will get straight and smoother .

But even after 4.5 years I still have slight vibe on breakaways sometimes .
It doesn’t ever bother me .

It’s good to know that I’m on the right track. I’ll keep working on it and I’ll keep paying attention to the results.

Thank you. It’s good to know that this is the normal progression.

try throwing softer breakaways and see if that helps. I’ve seen people that are throwing the yoyo as hard as they can but it makes it a bit harder to control that way.

You’ve gotten some good advice and I’d add that you should experiment with your breakaway throw some. Adjust your throw a little until you find the results you’re looking for. Don’t worry about getting it to look right, until you get it to work right.

This is what I was going to suggest as well. Also a fixed axle yoyo can help clean up your break away.

Dunno about that. Fixed axle yoyos tend to have imperial, modified, or super-high-wall butterfly profiles. These are inherently LESS vibe prone on throws. You could have mediocre technique and that kind of yoyo will “forgive” you plenty.

Practice, Practice, Practice straighter throws

Also, unless its like, Bee-Buzzing crazy vibe, it will smoothen itself out so don’t overthink it too hard

This GregP/GregB thing is getting confusing. I saw this thread and thought “since when has Greg ever cared about vibe!?”… :stuck_out_tongue:


inb4 gregD?

Make sure you’re holding your hand straight. I way to test the actual smoothness of a yoyo is to throw it down any way you feel and put your finger in it and make it as smooth as possible. Then, just practice your throws until you are getting them to be about as smooth as that. Just practice throwing it different ways and you’ll get it eventually. It shouldn’t be a big worry for someone only 2 months in anyways. I didn’t start getting good throws until about a year in.

I still get some very bad vibe on breakaway throws. The thing I’ve noticed that helps me is, just throw it and notice which way it’s pointing, correct, and repeat. eventually, you’ll be getting it straight, and you can work that into muscle memory.

Now I just throw it however, and if it vibes, I play through it usually. BUT I do understand the desire to be better, but I don’t really get into competing and showing off, so I just do whatever

I don’t know what could be happening.

I have a tip though: Are you throwing the breakaway like this? -

If not, you wanna do that. Use the “muscle flex” stance that you normally use on a front throw, and just turn your arm sideways.

If you throw the other type of way (the way that most professionals use where they hold the yoyo perpendicular in their hand and kinda flick the wrist), go back to the former way.

I find that the flex way can help you to get the basics down, to get into the “rhythm” of throwing the right way before you start changing your whole throw technique to do the other kind of throw.

Try it. I’m no expert but I tested it out and it seems to help. :slight_smile:

Almost everyone goes through that phase of yoyoing right at the beginning. Just keep practicing your throw eventually you will be throwing some great breakaways and front throws. Also, I sometimes just make it straight with the string when I’m feeling too lazy to bind it and then throw again, but just experiment with the yoyo

Thank you for all the kind advice. I noticed that I was throwing my breakaway with my hand in front of my body rather than directly to the side. Maybe I was scared of hitting myself with the yoyo.

Then I saw a video of Ann Connely and she actually started with the yoyo behind her head. OK, I guess it won’t hit me. So I started throwing more directly to the side so my shoulders, arm and yoyo are all in alignment. That seems to be helping.

Also, I noticed that I was holding my hands too low when doing tricks. I was causing the yoyo to lean away from me. As I raised my hands closer to chest level I was getting less vibe and longer spins.

It’s quite a journey and quite a learning experience isn’t it?

P.S. this darn phone keeps wanting to type Toyota instead of yoyo.

Well I’m glad your getting it figured out