Bad throw, need help reducing vibe


Recently, my every throw has been very wobbly, and I can’t get it to stop. This is with breakaways and sleepers. It goes away after touching the yoyo with my finger, so it’s not my Arctic Circle 2. I tried googling for this and all I get is a bunch of noobs blaming their yoyos and people telling them to practice more. I don’t need more practice, I’ve been yoyoing several hours a day for weeks.

My throws weren’t this bad before, but I’m doing something wrong now, and I need help figuring this out and correcting my technique. Any advice?


Probably gripping the yoyo too tight and releasing too late, and throwing too hard.
Likely all three at the same time. But could be just one.


Well I would need to see your throw to see what is wrong with it. So have you tried it with different yoyos to see if it is the yoyo and not yourself? Sometimes your throw might not be straight and this causes the yoyo to be disoriented and causing it to vibe like crazy. If you want you can film a video of you throwing and I could see if that may be the cause (because it is mostly the cause of this problem).


I had the same trouble. Try letting it just roll out of your hand and work your way back up from there.


Ah yeah it’s probably the first and third. I’m used to smaller throws so I’m a little off atm. I’ve been throwing it from my hand like a ball instead of just letting it slip away.

I’ve been trying to figure out why my throws are tilted sometimes and it could be the same issue. I’m thinking it’s this problem, also combined with the fact that I sometimes accidentally pull inward a bit at the beginning of the throw, causing one half of the gyro flop motion.

Thanks for the tips!


I know you probably don’t wanna hear it, just like how every beginner doesn’t like to when something’s wrong, but it is practice that you need. so what other people have suggested and practice titling your hand certain degrees to try and get a more straight throw. also, try and keep your arm parallel with your body when throwing a break away. and, try not to throw so hard. most of the time, the problem is when your throw overly hard to try and get a long sleeper, you tend to throw an awkward throw and will be slightly off balance enough to cause the yoyo to tilt, as well as have vibrations. but what it really comes down to most of all is practice. everything in life takes a lot of practice to perfect, even yoyoing. hope you this helps and please keep us updated on your progress.


Keeping the arm parallel to the body is really hard; it seems like the only way to do this naturally is to throw directly to the side and take a step back and let it swing where I was just standing. I’m experimenting with throwing at different distances from the body and different angles. Since the further the arm is extended, the less it can rotate outward; it is harder and harder to throw the further the breakaway is from the body.

The most natural throw is the UFO since the arm is designed to bend that way. Not so much with with breakaway.


The Arctic Circle 2 is a pretty wide yoyo. Generally, the wider a yoyo, and the more weight there is distributed towards the edges, the more a bad throw will result in a noticeable vibe. Without seeing your throw it’s impossible to know for sure, but I’m guessing your throw is slightly bad, which results in little to no vibe with smaller/slimmer yoyos but translates to more vibe with a wide yoyo like the Arctic Circle 2.