Le throw.


So, I’ve been wondering if there was a “proper” way to throw the yoyo correctly and well like the professionals. I mean, I’ve been yo-yoing for a bit over a year, but whenever I throw my Raptor, it always starts off with a moderate to large amount of vibe, then to even off mid-trick/combo. Also, for long spins, should I just throw harder? I tried that and it felt kinda weird to be throwing that hard everytime. =P

Any techniques or tips of any sort are welcomed! =D


The fact that you are acknowledging your throw as the problem and NOT your yoyo or bearing already puts you halfway there!
My advice is just practice. Try to keep your throw “straight”. Really work on your throw angle. I just recently noticed that my normal sidestyle throw is actually severely slanted to one side if I look at it from the profile. So I adjusted my throw, and now the yoyo is straight. But overall, just practice, and don’t quit at it. ;D


Glad at least 1 person decided to input on this! I will do, and thanks.


Glad to help ya

(Jei Cheetah) #5

Almost any throw will have a tiny bit of vibe from the let-go as as much as humans would like to say it, they aren’t perfect, and slight differentials will cause the initial throw vibe.

As long as you aren’t throwing crooked with a tilt, there really is no issue. I’ve been throwing for almost 16 years, and I still have a throw that starts with a hint of vibe quite often.

No worries there!



Right, thanks!